Sakuya Shirase [Flower Garden in the Street Corner] Part 3 – Eng CC Sub

Eheheh~ These flowers are really cute~ Ah, so you already went ahead and decorated. Of course! These were flowers everyone chose for me! They’re pretty, and cute. To be able to receive this as a present, makes me so happy~ Hehe. To see you like it that much makes me glad too. This time, I’ll pick flowers with everyone’s image in mind- Hehe. That would be great. I wonder what flowers you will pick- Ah- this Statice….. What’s up? ….. Huh, there’s another white flower blooming inside the flower. This is the same flower that was decorated here right-? T-that’s…. That’s, the true flower of Statice-san. The place you can see the flower…… is really the “calyx,” the white part, is the actual flower. Really? I didn’t know that, as expected of Kiririn! N- not at all…..! …..But, t-thank you, Yuika-chan. The flowers blooming wildly, are like stars sparkling, it’s cute~! Yes…..! Statice-san…… will eventually look like it’s dressed up……! …… However, the actual flower, doesn’t really…… last that long…… It’s only….. for now…… ….. Kiriko? …… Ah…… Everyone….. It’s almost time for lessons to start….. I’ll go with you too Kiriko, seemed lonely…… She took thorough care of it after all- this Statice Well, that may be true, but it can’t be helped that this flower won’t last long- Despite that, with Kiriko taking care of it, it will live longer than it normally would- Actually, Kiriko chose this flower with the image of us in her mind. That’s why, She must’ve wanted to preserve the beauty of it, since she’s overlapping us with the Statice. The atmosphere around the office has been brightening up thanks to Kiriko decorating it with flowers- It would be sad if Kiriko gets lonely when the flower wilts….. Well, that’s true….. but there’s nothing we can do when it’s something like this- Artificial flowers wouldn’t work- A pressed flower- would be crushed and that would be pitiful…… so that wouldn’t work either-….. hm…… If only there was a way to have it not wilt. (….. A flower that wouldn’t wilt….. huh. If there really is one, I’m sure Kiriko would be happy.) (….. I see!) That’s it…..! Eh, which is it!? Did you think of something-? It may be impossible to have a flower that would never wilt, but we might be able to make a flower that will always stay beautiful. Hehe, it’s all thanks to both of your brainstorming. T-that’s pretty sudden. It’s great if I was able to help though…… I didn’t really say anything that amazing though- Thank you so much you two, I might be able to make this work. (Okay, I’ll start on it as soon as lessons are over.) (Kiriko, it would be great if it makes her happy……)

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