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17 thoughts on “Residents keeping Houston city workers out of their yards

  1. If they enter after being told not to you are well within your rights to defend your property by any means necessary

  2. Get a court order.. If not stay the hell off. Democrat mayor intends to violate civil liberties. City will get sued.

  3. Let these people live in filth with their broken sewer. When it starts to stink their property and contaminating it, no one will be sent to fix it anymore.

  4. This is worst than the virus. People can get sick from a sewage issues as this one. Let them fix it. That is like having a gas leak and saying it's okay.

  5. Texas itself is a hostile state but being from the south and born in Houston, it’s almost a state itself and naturally very hostile, so don’t be surprised when the violence happens and military uses force instead of just asking, don’t be surprised if they just bomb the place because there are so many guns and arrogant people who aren’t willing to comply or give the guns up, clearly I don’t blame them, dying with mine!!!

  6. Just because there are some brown workers in your backyard doesn't mean corona will come inside your home. Those are the type of white people who will laugh at asians wearing masks too.

  7. They are well within their rights to have a sea of ? churning and flowing in their back yards! Their kids should have a grand ol' time playing in that. Woo-hoo! Fun times ahead for the block of idiots! ?

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