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17 thoughts on “Replacing the Blade – Husqvarna Lawn Mower

  1. how tight do you tighten the bolt? I changed my blade and has been very shaky/rattling ever since. is it possible to over tighten the bolt??

  2. Jack!   Woke up to a HOT day, not enough sleep and dealing with Lyme tick bite!!  You made my day….honest.  Never changed a mower blade,  and wasn't sure if the dynamics of a blade going round and round might affect which direction the bolt should be  tightened. Physics or something??!!! and didn't want to be beating the socket wrench with a hammer in the direction.  Your short instruction makes it now possible for me to get my first Husqvarna job of the day done very easily!!!  Many thanks!

  3. Quick look at your video confirmed that I should turn anti clockwise to remove blade. It was on tight and I did not like to give it a bit of help with rubber mallet. A couple of taps and away we went. Used a long handle socket wrench which gives enough leverage but still needs a couple of taps to get going. Thanks for the video!

  4. Why I've been doing it right all this time without realizing it. Except I don't have black gloves or a nice laminate floor. Seriously though, great video that is clear, concise, and to the point.

  5. how you can you demo this and not state the size of the socket required or which way the blade turns when putting back on as its difficult to determine which end is the sharp end.

  6. This little mower is awesome.>>> Worth twice what it cost. Powerful and quiet if you use around animals

  7. This video was useless. If you are going to take the time to put a video together include all relevant information. Socket/bolt size, blade size, model of mower you are working on, direction of blade etc. The only real bit of commonly overlooked info you put in here was to place the mower on it's side with the carb up.

  8. Great vid! Ignore the haters in this thread, they are the type of people who “ask to speak to the manager”.

  9. Thank you soooo much for this valuable video. I have spent lots of money over the years on lawnmower maintenance, but following this video I was able to change my blade on my own and I'm a 61 year old female 🙂

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