Replace Deck Belt on Husqvarna YTH22V46 Yard Tractor

Hey folks, I’m Dennis. Today I’m going to
show you how to change the deck belt on a YTH22V46 Husqvarna tractor. you can actually change this belt out
with the deck still under the tractor but it’s very difficult to film that way
so I’ve removed the deck from my tractor I’m going to show you how to replace
that belt with the deck out from under the tractor. Check out my other videos on
my channel to see the one that shows how to remove and replace the deck on this
tractor. So thanks for watching, let’s get started. this is the repair manual that
comes with the tractor repair parts manual on at least on my manual on page
14 it shows a breakdown of the deck and you can see here this is the belt on
part number 68 look over to page 15 part number 68 is the v-belt part number 532 40 51-4 3 so if you go online and look that up you can order this belt
online from any number of suppliers or you can go to your local lawn equipment
dealer and probably buy it there. alright so you can see how the belt runs through the inside of these two pulleys. this is the tensioner
pulley.,the idler that puts tension on it from the cable the engaging cable
and this is just an idler pulley and then it comes around here goes around
the outside of each of the spindle pulleys so what we have to do and here’s your
diagram showing how the belt runs. what we have to do is we’ve got to take these
two plastic guard covers off and then these guide pins that hold the belt onto
the spindle pulleys we have to take those off so we can get the belt out
from around the spindle pulley and then we’ll be ready to replace it you can actually probably do this side
without taking this off because the bolts for the guide pins are on that
side but I’m going to take it off just so I can kind of let you see what the
process is so you can probably do this without taking this one off. Hey little
buddy, got a little lizard friend making his home in my deck. it’s like we’re
just gonna loosen that so you can see on these two guide pins
that’s what holds the belt onto the pulley you got two bolts here they get
them off these are 1/2″ bolts ….you need a standard socket on these, the deep socket is too tall to
get in there you don’t have to take that whole thing
off all the way off, you can just get it loose enough to be able to do this and
then you can give get the belt off like so. these little guides are very light
gauge so you can just bend them out of the way get the belt out from under them
okay and then to to replace the belt you um just go around the pulley on the
spindle pulley on the outside and take the top, the front and that goes
around the idler pulley the back just goes
straight across like so comes around like this and around here make sure you
behind all the guards and then you put your guide pins back on, put your plastic
guards back on and you’re done. you just hook it up to the to the bottom of the
engine pulley. you can see how this part is connected to the to the engine pulley
on my video showing how to remove the deck from the tractor and that’s it. I’ve
got another video that I’m working on showing how to replace the spindles on
this deck it’s time for me to replace the spindles on mine because I’ve torn
mine up cutting stumps and stuff so I’ll address the two bolts that I broke off
in this video in that video because I’ve got to take the rest of the bolts out of
the spindle anyway. anyway that should be enough to get you going on how to
replace this deck belt. if you need some more help please leave me a comment and
I’ll do my best to help you through it. I appreciate you watching my video,
thanks for checking out my channel please subscribe and check out some
other videos on the tractor and some other things that I show folks how to do
so thank you for watching hope to see you
back soon.

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