Repairing a Chemically Damaged Lawn

Hi this is Stewart and I’m showing you an
interesting video today. And I have never thatched a lawn like this in my life. This
is the first time, so I want to show this to you.
I first came out and worked for this client and I aerated, seeded and fertilized, and
this is how the lawn came back right in here, beautiful and green. But the client made a
mistake and used a broadleaf killer and used a broadleaf killer that I suggested but he
mixed it up too strong so actually, he killed whole sections of his lawn.
So once again, we are in the repair process. These areas that you see that I have heavenly
torn up or thatched – I did my best to remove them – was were the chemical spill happened.
So now the chemicals are out of the soil now and just the burn marks are left. So what
I have done is gone in here with my thatcher and spot thatched and just ripped out the
dead sod and dead moss that he had in here. And now later on, they’re going to cut it
and then I will come back aerate, re-seed and fertilize again for the client.
And once again this is Stuart and I was just showing you what happens sometimes when I’m
out in the field and how to deal with certain situations.
Once again this is Stewart. Thank you. Bye, bye.

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3 thoughts on “Repairing a Chemically Damaged Lawn

  1. That's too bad. I'm always paranoid that I either did too much or too little. I hate waiting for results to see how well I did.

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