Recognizing DCNR Volunteers

– Well, the staff of DCNR want to offer sincere thanks to our volunteers across our mission at DCNR. We have volunteers that
help us with trails, that build bridges, that help
with programming of youth, that lead hikes, we have
volunteers that help us in the office, we have
volunteers that lead events, we have volunteers that
assist people who need help in parks and forests. We couldn’t do what we do
without our volunteers, this legion of volunteers that
helps us day in and day out, and for years, and fortunately,
Pennsylvanians step up, and volunteers step up and do
this job day in and day out. When DCNR was created, our
mission includes partnership, and we recognized from the
beginning that we can’t do what we do without the help
of this legion of volunteers. So today, we want to thank the volunteers that help DCNR on our wide mission.

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