Q&A – What’s making mounds all over my yard?

“This is all over my yard. “What is doing
this?” And this is from Mister Rusty. So what do you think there, Mr. D? What is doing that? – You know, that one picture is really hard
to determine what is going on there. It could range from crawfish to solitary bees that
will do that, they burrow. But from that one picture, I’m not sure. What about you? Do
you have a better feeling about that? – Not from that one picture. I looked at it
a few times. Didn’t think it was moles. – If those were all over the yard like that,
I would guess it’s probably one of the solitary bees that are doing that. Which, they don’t
sting you. They should see the bees hovering out there over the ground if that’s what it
is. If they don’t see bees hovering, you know, and going into these little burrows they’ve
developed, then its, well we’ve got a of rain, it could be crawfish. So, if you like crawfish,
you may have a crawfish crop. – Do they make a little chimney, is that what
they call them? – But those are in the, these aren’t real
good builders – Haven’t gotten it up yet?

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2 thoughts on “Q&A – What’s making mounds all over my yard?

  1. Looks like earthworm castings. You probably had a recent rain and the earthworms were near the top of the soil because they will drown and then left their castings for you. Great natural fertilizer. If you take a small hand shovel early in the morning and dig one of the mounds as deep as the small shovel you will find the worm that left you natural fertilizer.

  2. i have these also and it is way to big to be worms. havent seen bees or crawfish ether. wish they could have answered so i can figure out what i got

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