Q&A – How to kill moss on lawns

♪♪♪ I have this green
moss on my lawn. What can I spray on it
and not kill my grass? Any information
would be helpful. That’s Mister R.T. What do you think
about that one, Mister D? You’re the weed man in the lawn. Yeah. Let me say this, Mister R.T. You have better conditions
for the moss than you do for the grass. Okay? Because the moss
likes compact soils, soils that are poorly
drained, poor soil fertility. And guess what else. Shade. The moss loves that. The grass does not. So, that’s what you have to
do culturally is limb up some trees, get some light in
there, build that Ph up. Plant some ground covers maybe. (Chris)
Maybe some ground covers, better drainage
perhaps are some things that you would need to do. Okay? But he specifically
asked what could he spray. So, let’s address that one. There are some products that
you can use to control moss. They usually contain iron
sulfate or copper sulfate.. Which will also kill grass. (Chris)
…which will also
kill your grass. So, you have to be careful.. (Mike)
It will kill the moss. ..when you’re
using these products. (Mike)
That’s right. So, Mister R.T., this is.. You got to figure out what
you’re going to do here. You can either have the
grass or you can have the moss. You might want to shift
gears and do something a little different. That’s what I would do. I would shift gears and I would
plant something that doesn’t mind shade, moisture. That’s what I would do. Yeah because I always say this. You need to put the right grass
species in the right location. On the other hand, you don’t
have to mow moss very often. You don’t have to mow
moss and it’s green. It looks nice. There are a lot of mossy
lawns here in Shelby County. Something to be said for that. Keep the leaves off of it
and it looks real good. I have a little
moss in my backyard. I know why I have it, you know. Because I have these conditions. Barefooted and walk
around on it, it feels good. Alright, Mister D,
Mitch, we’re out of time.

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