Q&A — How much sun do I really need to grow a vegetable garden?

♪♪♪ I want to start a
vegetable garden. How much sun do I really need
to grow things like tomatoes, peppers and squash? So, we’ll let you have the
first crack at this one. Ideally it would be
eight or more hours. But a lot of the plants will
be okay with six hours minimum. Also, we recommend
you plant your vegetables. You can plant
them in rows. Plant them north and south since
the sun rises east and sets in the west. Both sides of the
plant will get sun. Where as if you plant
them east and west, you might have some tall stuff
shading some smaller stuff. So, I always
plant east-west. And like I said,
minimal of six. Okay. I agree. I think a lot
of people.. I also hear a lot of times
people want to know how to grow herbs inside. And I go, you know,
really there’s just not enough light inside. You really
want that sun. I agree with you. A lot of times I’ll
read six hours is enough. And they’re not
real happy with six. Eight or more,
yeah, strong sunlight. Even your herbs, right? Oh, yeah. Still want about
eight hours of sunlight.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A — How much sun do I really need to grow a vegetable garden?

  1. Well, this may apply to places other than New Mexico. What's always talked about is hours of sun per day, and never how many days of sun per season, which I think is a more meaningful statistic. My plants, while only getting about six hours of sun per day get more days of intense, hot sun over their growth season than most other plants, and that's key. If left in the sun here at my elevation in New Mexico ( we're at over a mile in elevation) for more than that my plants would cook. Before giving generalizations, it should be stated that the duration of time a plant should spend in the sun depends entirely on location.

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