Q&A – Do I leave purple fountain grass in the ground this winter?

I planted purple fountain grass in my mailbox. Do I leave it in the ground all winter? Is one question, the second question is, do
I need to cut it back once it turns brown? And this is from Mark, so? – I see purple fountain grass sold as a perennial
a lot of times in the big box stores. And it is not. – It is not, okay. – It is not. It’s an annual. It, purple fountain grass, if you’re talking
about pennisetum rubrum, – [Chris] Rubrum, probably what you see at
the big box stores. – Right, no, it’s not going to make it and
you might as well let the frost kill it and buy it again. Not worth digging up, trying to over-winter
it. There are some other red foliaged grasses
that could come back, the pennisetum properiums gonna be a great big one, it’s been coming
back for us at the station. But it doesn’t have those pretty fluffy grass
seed plumes that they want from the purple fountain grass. – [Chris] Which I like to, yeah, I actually
have that at home. – I do too. But it’s an annual, I’d buy it again every
year. – Okay. – As far as any of that ornamental grass,
you know, it’s structure. It’s pretty, brown is not an ugly color, you
know? And I think about the critters and the, I’ve
got a lot of home birds that roost inside my, I call them knock ’em out roses, you know,
and inside, I don’t trim various things up until the spring because I want a place for
the critters. – Remember I said don’t prune anything after
August. I leave my grasses standing absolutely all
winter whether they’re annuals or not, because I like the way they look in the winter and
they do provide food, you’re absolutely right, Carl, good point.

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