Q&A — Can you use pre-emerge in a vegetable garden?

♪♪♪ Can you use a pre-emerge
in a vegetable garden? Be careful. Yes, you can use it but
if you follow the label. Okay? It says, you know, once the
plants are well-established, talking about,
you know, your crop, then you
can put it down. You better not put it
around a squash plant. I can tell you that. (Walter)
Oh sure, sure. I’m talking about mainly
Preen is what I’m talking about. But, you know, it
says it on the label. So, yeah,
make sure.. And you might want to read the
label to make sure that you’re not using it on a crop species
that it shouldn’t be used for. Don’t use it on
the cucumber plant. (Chris)
We know not to
use it on cucumbers. But it will
be on the label. Yeah, it’ll be on the label. Follow that label. And for the most part, most of
the pre-emerges will get rid of, what? — the grasses,
maybe some of your broad leaf. A lot of your broad leaf weeds
and things like that, yes. (Chris)
For the most part? Mhm. But you want to make sure
that those plant materials are established. (Walter)
Yes, yes, yes. Because Preen, for example, is
not going to know the difference between a weed
seed and a seed of your desirable
vegetable crop. (Walter)
That’s exactly right. So, you have to
be careful with that.

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