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looks like a three-year-old ten-pointer it’s been a pretty eventful morning so
far is November first we’ve probably seen a dozen does already a two-year-old
and three or four-year-old ten-pointer deer really on their feet we’re back in
hunting a buck that I actually drew my bow twice on a few days ago couldn’t get
a clear shot just a lot of Cedars in the way but you know that kind of saved us
from him seeing us as well so it’s not all bad as far as I know he’s still in
the area we’re set up kinda had a junction trail here right on the edge of
thick bedding we got several scrapes right here I can see three really good
fresh scrapes right in front of us there’s about five trails that come
together here so it’s kind of like a wheel up but so I got two spots on this
farm that I’ve been getting really good consistent pictures of this buck so what
I want to do is sit this out most the morning get down check that camera see
if he’s been through here and if he hasn’t and I think we’re gonna hiking a
little farther to the other scrape set where he’s been pretty consistent first
didn’t have to see how the morning goes and maybe get a little Intel from the
cameras here but sweet November’s finally here and we’re starting it off
with a pretty good set it’s about 12 o’clock and the last deer
we saw would have been around about 10:45 Greg yeah yeah it’s been over an
hour okay it’s been over an hour probably 15-20 minutes ago I got down
and checked the camera here it’s been running over these really good scrapes
and as of the last two days he is not shown up up here and previously he was
very consistent with that so what we’re gonna do take these stands in and hang
it over a different scrape deeper in among some thick cedars I’m not sure if
he’s with a doe or is just not getting up this far but we got a little Intel we
saw a lot of Bucks this morning so with him not being up here recently
I’d say he’s hanging back and thick stuff get things packed up here
get down head around through the creek and pop up and set up over a different
scrape for the evening well it’s about 2:15 and we went in check
that camera back by that scrape in the middle of Cedars and the buck was not
there so what we decided to do was back out hunt along this Creek here and I
also think it’d be a good spot to observe and see if maybe he’ll bump a
doe out in this pasture this evening there was a ton of deer in it this
morning so we’re gonna give it a shot right here it’s 2:30 in the afternoon here and Greg
and I are pretty much exhausted right now he was I know he’s been up late
editing and they’ve been staying up late and getting up early going out filming
and I got in about 12:30 last night from running the tractor and then got an hour
sleep and then got in the truck and drove down to meet Greg to get in the
tree so we’re running on fumes right now and I only thing I’ve had to eat today
is Lunchables this morning’s hunt we had a ton of activity a couple of the Bucks
were out chasing the does and at one time Greg and I got a little bit curious
because there are a couple younger bucks and they just kept staring up into this
part of the pasture where we’re set up now I’m guessing a bigger more mature
buck had a doe you know kind of corralled up in this corner of the pasture but
they were definitely looking up there and didn’t want anything to do with it
they just stood and watched so who knows maybe the buck we were after or a more
mature deer than what we had seen down there was up in this part of the pasture
and grabbing their attention so when we got done this morning we packed up all
our stuff hopped in the creek and followed it all the way up to my other
camera on this property lo and behold the deer we’re after was not on camera
so we decided to back out and set up here along the creek where several
trails parallel the creek and cross it and I believe the main trail that this
buck uses to get between my two cameras when I had pictures of him on both of
them in the same day I think that’s right behind us so the plan is to be
able to observe this whole pasture field where there were a lot of deer out this
morning watching to the thick cover where he might be cruising checking for
does we can shoot both sides I’ve never actually hunted in this spot on the farm
but it just makes sense for what this deer is doing and the wind dies down I think I’m gonna
let out a few grunts here we heard some bucks grunting this morning so might as
well try you never know what it’ll attract hit him again! I think I got him Greg picked the tree you know the opportunities that I’ve been handed here
in the last couple years in the woods are unbelievable
I don’t know what to say Greg he just killed a monster that’s what you can say
I’m thankful the most important thing I’m thankful right now is my grandpa
taking me hunting for the first time when I was 7 years old and we lost him
to pancreatic cancer last year that deer means more to me than anything I’m a
wreck right now I Greg gets a phone call talking on the phone looks at by the
cedar 30 yards away and I look up and I knew immediately who it was so I got the
bow and he’s a monster he’ll be back out we’re just getting packed up we’re gonna
slide down the tree and go take a look at him blood it’s unbelievable this is
the tree we were sitting in what we shot him out the arrow was right there he
whipped around turned and ran right by our tree this is one of the prettiest deer I’ve
ever shot all that thick hair just man November 1 what an unbelievable deer
I cannot believe he walked by Greg and I and at 2:45 right away when we climbed up
into the stand I decided to hit the grunt call I mean we’re hunting
literally the edge of a bedding area this buck came in and he ended up right
at the base of the tree now we could see quite a ways and I know he was not
necessarily close by but that just goes to show that these old mature bucks can
pinpoint that type of sound and any type of sound from a long ways away my guess
is that he was bedded up in the cedar thicket and he heard the grunt call and
decided to come take a look so my strategy for hunting this deer wasn’t a
very long time frame at all you know between the time I actually knew about
him and I was hunting him and here we are today with him was less than a week
what we did it all revolved around the scrapes you know finding out about him
trying to figure out how he was entering them going to them traveling between
different scrapes and basically I just got in there and got aggressive with him
because here in the next few days if they find those first does in heat
who knows where they’re gonna end up so having multiple cameras on scrapes in
here allowed me to see which way he was coming from compared times and see which
one he was at during the same day and I also had a different camera on the south
side of the creek where he never showed up on so that kind of gave me an idea
you know which trails he was using and how he was he was coming and going and
that was a big part of why we chose to set up where we did the the tree stand
location that we chose tonight was directly between those two cameras and
had trails across and it’s just a big intersection and I just had a funny
feeling that’s the way he was going to and from those different scrapes and
bedding areas Greg and I are gonna drag him across the ditch load him up and
head back to town and celebrate this deer with a bunch of friends
oh my gosh boys man this is a just the character looks so cool captain
captain hook brow time I mean just a ton of points awesome job how far is he here 25 to 30 somewhere in there oh my gosh okay what’s the wind doing here coming
coming coming over you don’t have it toward this area see okay see he’s
licking his nose he’s trying to you know trying to pick up a nice in another big
old devil oh man so what’s he now 15 words look at to left or right right
he’s right oh so we didn’t look up there’s more broadside than one why this
is where I’m like oh well that bloods pouring out of right there it’s like I want to hear your side of the story that texted greg and i was like call me
when you can it’s like the house burned down
yeah like call me when you can and I waited I don’t know minutes or whatever
calls me but it was like what’s up I think I got hey you know that footage
giant! giant! giant! I’m sitting there like they’re messing with me you know it’s
like there’s 245 yeah yeah well I was like it just didn’t seem like right you
know right should we call all right I mean literally less than 30 seconds
after I answer the phone and uh I’m sitting
there I can hear the wind blow and like sounds like camera I was gonna film me
as I was just gonna be like I’m sitting here on the phone Greg and he said
there’s a time I could find a camera in my mind is this racing I’m like is it
the big one that they’re hunting you know like whatever it I was like I better not
jinx it and I just hung up when I just sat there I looked at my phone I got 1%
I was like run home as I started running home of Greg calling me back and that’s
I was like tell me tell me you got it you know got him

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84 thoughts on “Private Land: Nov. 1: 7 Yard Bow Kill, Calling in a Giant Buck | The Hunting Public

  1. Watching you guys hunt is a great education.i've never seen bucks the size of the one's you kill.i think my biggest mistakes are….not having a cameraman and sixty extra pounds of gear,not moving around in my stand with no scent control discipline,no face mask or gloves,talking in a full street volume voice for ten minutes,eating snacks with crinkly wrappers on stand,tromping down a trail while looking at my feet.all i can say is….you sure have those Deer trained well!

  2. Sorry for the loss of your Gpa young Man. I can tell you that placing your Stand there was the right choice. Between the Camera's and I am glad you were quiet getting up in the tree because when you called, I bet he was not 100 yards from where you were in his bed. Congrats!

  3. Awesome hunt?. You will always remember the times hunting with your grandpa. You will make more awesome memories with the people you love.

  4. God bless you brother the best hunts for the ones that we will remember and I will say this I remembered my very first time going hunting with my dad some of the greatest memories I've ever had look forward to seeing more hunts if you guys bring God bless you all..

  5. Where was this buck killed at? It looks a lot like the 14 point I killed here in southeastern Indiana in 2010. Including the crabclaw left beam. Mine scored 167 green gross.

  6. What SD card reader do you use for your iphone. I've been looking to get one and it seems like every make/model always has some negative reviews. Any input/experiences from anyone is appreciated!

  7. You give awesome detail about your hunt and tactics used to pursue this buck. I normally scan along videos to the parts I'm looking for, but I found myself glued to the screen watching your video all the way through. Very entertaining to watch and motivating for upcoming hunts. Well done fellas.

  8. What broadhead?

    These guys should have a million subscribers.

    Amazing discipline and mental control to hold on him for that long and pass on likely kill shots to wait for the right shot.

  9. My favourite part of your videos is how you show everyone hanging out at camp just telling stories. Even in the off season it makes me feel like I'm with my camp lookin for bucks.

  10. I would have never shot that buck becuase I would have killed that first doe you saw and called it good

  11. Nice deer, but if i hear one more person say "thank you Jesus/Lord" on a hunting show, i'll throw up. I'm a Christian but pretty sure harvesting a deer should be praised like a new born baby.

  12. That`s Awesome ! I found out I`m gonna be a grandpa to a little girl in Dec. You can bet like my boys, she will be hunting by 6 yrs. old.

  13. The passion you young guys exhibit, gives me faith in the future. Sincerely, thank you all for just just being you. Love the channel.

  14. First of all good bless your grandfather,?and that's a awesome hunt I don't know you but good said let be so,and you rocked him great job ?????????

  15. man i cried so hard when you shot the deer and i could see the emotions attached to the kill. your grandfather would be proud man

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