Prairie Turnip (Psoralea esculenta) Germination Results – Ninja Gardening – Episode 4

If we needed further confirmation that I don’t
know what I am doing we have it here. This is a prairie turnip seed that I pulled
out from under the humidity dome. They weren’t sprouting so I was wondering what was going
on. But I dug one up and you can see here that it has just molded. The seed cover is
right here it is fairly pliable. You can see where the embryo started to emerge. You can
tell from the off yellow color that the plant died fairly quickly. I think the moisture
was to much for it. So I am having hopes the other methods will be better.
Here is another seedling that was grown in the seedling mix. I dug this one up because
I was wondering why it hadn’t sprouted yet. And what I saw was that the seed coat was
wrapped around the head of the seed, and then see how the seedling looks nice and healthy
till you get right there, from here on down it dried out and I am going to replant it
but I don’t know if it is going to make it. Once the tap root on these types of plants
dry out, it is unlikely they will survive. But the prairie turnip is adapted to harsh
environments so it may surprise me yet. Initial results defiantly look like you are going
to want to plant them in a deeper pot than these little ones I have here. You want to
make sure the soil can drain down and doesn’t dry out. Also you don’t want it to get to
wet. So starting them under the humidity dome, so far has largely been a failure and I would
not recommend it.

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