Pool & Spa Waterfall Fountain Instructional Video

This video is the assembly and installation instructions for the five four five zero seven waterfall fountain at beginning you will want to make sure that your pump is in the off position and Will not want to start it again until you want to test for the proper water spray pattern The box will include the spray head Riser The inlet connector The elbow connector and printed instructions Step one we’re going to attach the water inlet valve To the water inlet of the pool using the attachment ring When we attach the inlet valve we are going to be sure that the valve opening is pointing straight up We are going to preset the valve opening to the midway point So that the valve itself is half open and half closed Next we’re going to attach the elbow valve to the inlet valve Securing Hand tight Next we’re going to attach the Spray head to the riser being sure that our rubber O-ring seal is pushed into place again. Again we’re going to attach this to the riser hand tight Snugging it up Tight enough to hold the spray head in position yet able to adjust it so we can achieve the direction that we would like Step 4. We’re going to attach our riser assembly to the elbow being sure that our Rubber washer is in place to create the seal And again, we’re going to put this on hand tight Next we’re going to turn on our pool pump and check our fountains spray pattern If the fountain spray pattern is too large or too small We’re going to adjust the inlet valve and we’re going to do that by slightly loosening the coupler And then adjusting our valve either to increase Or decrease The flow of water going to our sprayer Please note that when you do loosen this coupler, it will free up the riser to move back and forth So once we have adjusted our valve to the desired position that we want for our spray We’re going to then again hand tighten the coupler back Making sure that our riser is back in the original position. We wanted it in Once all the flow and Directional positions have been obtained. We’re going to go ahead go back and firmly retighten all of the coupler positions

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6 thoughts on “Pool & Spa Waterfall Fountain Instructional Video

  1. I don't know about y'all but my pool does not have a piece of wood with a screw thing on it. Your video needs more info.

  2. My inlet connector does not fit my inlet. Is there an adaptor I can purchase? The connector is 1/4" too small. TY.

  3. This product does not attach as shown on video! As you can see the video skips over attaching the fountain to your pool. It can be done with additional parts purchased at a store like Home Depot.

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