Polar Vortex Gardening in Florida

we weren’t expecting it but the polar
vortex also hit Central Florida this week find out what we did to help
protect our plants and like this video Before we get into this video, turn on notifications, smash the subscribe button and like this video (intro music) a few weeks ago we mentioned different
uses for our chicken tractors so since we’re don’t have chickens in it right
now and we won’t really have those baby chickens in there until the spring we
decided to go ahead and use it as a greenhouse and it’s working good come on
in and I’ll show you what’s going on (door unlatching) contrary to popular belief Central
Florida does get some below freezing weather here’s a screenshot of our
temperatures over the last couple of weeks we wanted to get a head start on
our garden that we’ll be planting some time in March after our last freeze date
and we started some plants in January and as you can see they’re doing pretty
well but we’ve got a few more that we still need to plant in order to get our
garden going in the spring we didn’t really make any permanent modifications
to the chicken coop so we just have our trays sitting on these two by fours which
are actually you just pick them up and move them and they work perfect for
planting plants in a starter tray so when we get ready to have our chickens
and possibly ducks in the spring then we’ll be able to move all of this out
really quickly and as soon as we planted our plants in the garden as you can see
we have a pretty good start already on our spring garden we’ve got peas and
cauliflower celery a few herbs broccoli cabbage we’ve got our Tomatoes just
starting to come up right now and then all of the empty trays right here
they’re actually not empty they have bell pepper cayenne pepper banana
peppers pepperoncini in jalapeños you’re gonna have a whole bunch of peppers that
we can hopefully can and eat on our salads and stuff but they take a little
longer to germinate down below I have a few herbs that I use a lot of cilantro
dill and we’ve even got a bowl a thing of chives that we can sit on our porch
once they start growing and then we started new Moringa plants and hibiscus
cranberry hibiscus and lemongrass all of these are pretty much ballin
tear plants that we’ve gotten out of the garden but we’ve gotten them started in
a pot so that they can root and grow and hopefully we’ll be able to give away or
sell some of those in the future for those of you who don’t know what a
volunteer plant is it’s a plant that just comes up on its own the lemongrass
they spread and they also seed so some of the seeds have blown in the wind
fallen in other areas in our yard and they’ve come up as nice plants so rather
than waste those plants we can get them I don’t know if you’ve seen our
lemongrass it’s kind of dormant right now but you can still see how large they
get they grow really big and we use them for tea we make unsweetened tea with
them they have a lot of health benefits for digestion respiratory a lot of
different benefits and it’s delicious without any sugar in it so it’s a
win-win for us another thing we did to prepare for the winter is my husband
made these planters out of just 55-gallon drums we just cut off the top
some of them are halfway I like these though because you can actually put a
cloth over them all right we have freeze cloth and we decided to put them all up
here next to our chicken tractor that we’re using as a greenhouse right now so
when freezes do come and it does get below 32 here occasionally we can just
quickly put a frost blanket over these and secure it and our lettuce garden for
the winter it’s going good we’ve got all the different kinds of
things planted in here we have spinach lettuce arugula got a few herbs like
parsley and cilantro we even have bok choy which is great for
stir fries and different things and I think Swiss chard was the only other
thing we have growing in here we try to plant them in intervals as you can see
these plants here are a little bit bigger than the plants that are in the
back that way we can harvest these and then by time we finish eating this the
ones in the back will have grown and these will start to regrow we try to
only plant cut and come back plants so when once
you cut it off and harvest it the first time it will grow back an example of
that is our bok choy over here in the in the last thing we cut all of that down
about two weeks ago and as you can see it’s already coming back pretty strong
when the grand boys are here we always try to let them help because they love
helping around the farm set it up there (acoustic guitar music) put it up there (dog barking) (acoustic guitar music) okay give me some more (acoustic guitar music) its full, a little too much all right its full? Yep, but thats ok (acoustic guitar music) right here too! okay fill it up good (acoustic guitar music) Logan, what are you planting? watermelon seeds okay… how deep do we have to plant it? an inch down…. alright, go ahead and plant that whole flat. Plant all the seeds (acoustic guitar music) what are you planting? .. cantaloupe !! cantaloupe? Oh
that’ll go good with the watermelon on it yes all right so you plant them the
same way you know let’s just put them on top so we know how many would have first
one in each section and then we’ll poke them down about an inch and cover them
with dirt one on each thing come down about an inch and we’ll take some dirt
out of the thing over here and cover them without having our John Suscovich
stress-free chicken tractor we wouldn’t have been able to get a jump on our
Spring Garden some people like to use gloves but I prefer touching the dirt
itself it’s actually been scientifically proven that we absorb some of the dirts
nutrients through our skin plus it just feels kind of cool don’t worry ladies
that’s what they make a nail brush for (closing music) (bloopers to follow) hold on got someone photobombing without garbled. go (dog barking) what are you planting? Camelope… I said it wrong…..do it over… cut! talking about having our John sus
kovitch stress be chicken tractor say that three times Donnie’s let me do that
again all right quiet on set

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