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100 thoughts on “Plants

  1. Haha, Khan Academy doesn't do it for me in Biology. For me it's Bozemanbiology + Princeton's Cracking the AP Biology Exam + Kaplan's AP Biolgy = hopefully a 4, because I need that for college credit!

  2. Really? I like how Mr Andersen's videos are shorter, but it's nice to have Khan Academy too to clear up any confusion I might have left 😛

  3. which event is unique to angiosperms
    a) double fertilization
    b) triple fusion
    c) both
    d) none
    please do help me i have exam .pleeeeeese

  4. Not sure what triple fusion is, but I'm pretty sure double fertilization does occur in angiosperms. Mr Andersen talks about it in his video, "Plant structure"

  5. @sandeep88214 I kno I'm late but it's a… My bio teachers says there are 3 f specific to angiosperms that I must remember… Flowering, another f word, and double fertilization…

  6. Mr. Andersen, are the two major plant divisions bryophytes and tracheophytes? Can you tell me more about bryophytes and tracheophytes? Thanks

  7. i guess 2 main type in plant kingdom are cryptogamae and phanerogame.
    and cryptogamae include thallophyte, bryophyta and pteridophytae
    der is not a single word called tracheophytes

  8. Why do universities even have lectures…This is honestly exponentally better than any lecture i've had, ffs education system :/ But thank you Bozeman Science, thank you very much.

  9. Hi Mr Anderson
    My name is Tessa
    I am a gr11 biology student currently studying the four plants you have shown in this video.
    Can you maybe make a video going into detail on each of them? It would really help.

  10. hello sir
    i have a question for you

    how brayophytes plants grow through gametophytes generation ?
    plz tell me through your video as quickly you can
    i cant understand this video


  12. You are the best teacher!! I have a great BIO teacher but when im preparing for an exam I watch your videos over and over and my grades have improved tremendously!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  13. taking a break from sending out applications this Friday night to learn about plant evolution after seeing some cycads in florida last week. thanks for the nice video 🙂

  14. Thanks for video, it is really useful but could you please give more specific information because those are just very basic ones even though I am on IGCSE
    Thanks in advance

  15. Hm, interesting. I read a current article saying that the evolution of angiosperms wasn't as dependent on coevolution with insects for pollination as previously thought. A survey of fossils revealed conclusively that they were already highly specialized and diverse BEFORE there was evidence showing that plants and insects began working together.

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