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100 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies Garden Kombat (Cancelled)

  1. Not sure everyone can see this but I want you all to know
    This episode has been canceled
    Part 2 will never Exist, I will talk about this in the next video, I know a lot of people may be disappointed.
    But I'm not giving up the ideas, Basically, I'm gonna REBOOT it.

  2. 1:27 ghost pepper is not disturbed by the loud sound of the kazoo

    Maybe the distance between each floor makes her to not hear it?

  3. Ghost pepper and jack o lantern should be a couple cuz they always have a relationship ( they should be married) like if u agree

  4. Un Logical 1: How The Hell Do They Have That Much Plant Food 2: The Magnet Shroom Can’t Throw The Buckets Back Unless Consummed Plant Food 3: Sun Bean Needs To Be Eaten And The Zombie Needs To Be Eliminated ToThe Zombie To Drop Sun And The Bean Can’t Jump Into It’s Mouth Nor Can The Hypno Shroom 4:The Fume Shroom Can’t Constantly Wipe Out Bucket Heads

  5. Secondary Designs Like:
    Ghost Pepper without her cloak
    and Hypno-Shroom With their powers deactivated
    are good,
    and make sense as well.

  6. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

  7. This genuinely feels like it could be a real PvZ cartoon, right down to how the plants and zombies use their different abilities. I’ve seen this video multiple times, and still thoroughly enjoy watching it.

  8. Which Plant Well You Be?
    A-Sun Shoom
    B-Puff Shoom
    D-Jack o Lantern
    E-Hypno Shoom
    F-Sun Bean
    G-Magnet Shoom
    H-Ghost Pepper
    Reply Which Plant Well You Be And Which Plants Are Missing

  9. The minecraft steve army dominated me and raided my house!!(Joke)

    He's a question for you guys!, what would you do If plants in real life actually had those powers as PVZ plants have??

  10. We finally got something new for once

    1st Ghost pepper has psychic powers
    So not just any scare effect

    2nd Ghost pepper has a ghost sword or something no scare effect

    3rd and finally the important thing WE GET TO SEE GHOST PEPPER FACE REVEAL

    4th jack o lantern has A LOT of range for some reason but ok

    So ummmm nice changes in this animation

  11. Cast
    Ghost Pepper as subtitle
    Hypno-Shroom as subtitles
    Jack-o-Larten as subtitle I’m to lazy just everybody as subtitle

  12. All problems and jokes.
    1:48: Joke
    Idk Ghost Pepper. Nothing is happening, your just on a dark room, and where are your clothes?
    2:29: Problem
    I thought Ghost Pepper can fly
    3:24: Problem
    Look at the top. I dont see a hole, then how did her Leaves went out?
    3:25, is what it looks like
    6:36: Joke
    I dont know if Fume Shroom is ready
    10:18: Problem
    Who was that? The text message is white and it said "What is going on guy?"
    11:11: Joke
    Uuhh i dont know what does that mean
    11:35: Problem
    How is Magnet Shroom strong?
    13:19: Problem
    Ghost Pepper doesnt attack like that
    14:32: Problem
    Wrong plant food effect
    15:11 Problem
    Jack's range just increased, if he had the plant food effect, it could be wrong, could be not
    16:33: Joke
    Cmon! Ignore the rain. But Jack…

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