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12 thoughts on “Plants in Space!

  1. Great video, thanks. So interesting. Plants are truly aware. I have a making-of question. Who's responsible for the hot pink and green lighting in the Growth Chamber on the International Space Station? Is that how NASA/JPL shot it? Or did you guys tweak it in post? Rock 'n' Roll!

  2. Super interesting.To whomever is doing the audio: You need to get a Pop Screen in front of the person doing the voiceover work. Thanks for the vids!

  3. Rofl scientists thought it was gravity? Not light?…I swear I missed my calling. I need to get a doctorates just so NASA can stop doing all these wasted experiments on common sense shit.

  4. Can Mars dirt grow plants? If not can you make it grow plants? Add nutrients and water, will it work? Like a fertilizer for Mars dirt.

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