Plants for life!

[Image description]Two picture on center and right side of me with green lantern shirt. In the center of the picture. I stand and look at the camera. In the right side of the picture, I stand on left side look out of the camera. Text appear on the left side of the screen,typewriter style
Joshua Beckman October 7, 2016 Age: 29 As you see in the picture that I just showed. I was 350 pounds at that time That day I decided to change my life. My health at that time was not in a great shape. I was almost diabetic, had high blood pressure, had high cholesterol. There are more conditions that I could name. It was possible that I had more issues that I was not aware of. I did not want to know. [Image description] A selfie picture, I wore red button shirt with white sunglasses. I was in the car and smiling to the camera. Before I share my journey with you. I want to share my struggles and frustration. I was overweight for more than half of my life. In the past, I went to doctor for checkup and during that time, they gave me diet plans without any guidance. The diet was too complex and I could not follow the plan and lost the motivation. In the past, I went to gym to exercise but the foods and plan did not work out In the past, I was frustrated when I went to different clothes stores and I could not buy any clothes out there. I only can do online store or go to specialized clothes store like Big and Tall to do the clothes shopping. Understand that they were really expensive and now I can go to any clothes stores. In the past, I was frustrated when I get on the airplane because of the seating. Often I never felt comfortable sitting and sometimes I asked for seatbelt extensions to buckle up. Now I can ride airplane without issues or problems. In the past, when I went to any restaurant, I really hated sitting in booths because when I sat, my stomach got in the way with the table. It was uncomfortable to sit there. Now I can sit there comfortable. Overall of my health, my struggle, my frustration. It woke me up big time but how to start and what should I do? [Image description] Picture of me in black and white picture. I am wearing a tuxedo, standing near the chair and book shelf. On the bottom right corner, Picture credit: Thomas McKnight My brother Noah and his fiancée Reut. They will get married this summer. They decided to change their diet to plant-based. They bought juicer machine, and saw several documentaries including “Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead” film. [Image description] Picture of me, I closed my eyes and smile hard with brown shirt. On the bottom right corner, Picture credit: Violet Blake During that weekend, I went to my brother and Reut’s place. They offered me the juices that they made. I tasted it and I really enjoyed the juice itself. They explained me how, tips, information, and more During that weekend, I thought about my diet deeply and they could see that. I went back home and I saw the movie “Fat, Sick Nearly Dead”. That movie is about a man who decided to do 60 days of juicing and he did changed his meal plans. Within five months, he lost about 100 pounds. I was shocked and awe about it. It amazed me. [Image description] Picture of me standing and making conversation with people. I wear blue plaid shirt with grey fleece jacket. On the bottom left, Photo credit: Lizzie Sorkin After I watched the movie. I bought my own juicer machine and I decided to change my life. Through my time, I learned more and more. It overwhelmed me little but I enjoyed every moment. [Image description] Picture of me sitting with blue plaid button shirt with name tag. My laptop is the front of me with different Deaf art stickers. On the top, right corner, Photo credit: Lizzie Sorkin. Now, my diet is plant-based and I lost 72 pounds in the last 3 months. My current weight is 278 pounds. That weight was the almost same when I was in eighth grade. Maybe less than that. My journey is not complete, there is more to come. I am still learning more and I am looking forward in the future and see my progress as well. [Image description] Picture of me wore blue polo shirt with NAD logo and lanyard name tag. I smiled and look slight left out of the camera. Photo credit: NAD If you want to know and want to reach me. You can do that. [Image description] Picture of me wore yellow shirt with cargo shirt and wore flip flop. I was stand with brown background with NAD poster- NAD poster said Wish you were here. NAD logo with social media address with desert look on the bottom of poster. On the bottom right, Photo credit: jerry Nelson. Before I finish this video, here are the photos of my first three months during the journey. [Image description] A quick picture slideshow of me in various shirts and look at my transformation. [Image description] Pictures of two of me in the center. On left side, I wore green shirt on the left side of my shoulder with the date of 10/7/16 350 pounds and the right side of the picture. I wore blue polo shirt with Nike logo on the shirt. On the far right side. It says 1/1/17 278 pounds White background with blur style appear with said “ I feel very strongly that the best doctor in the world, the best nutritionist in the world, is you.” – David Wolfe

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  1. Keep up the good effort!  I believe what you have tried will work and you should do some kind of physical activities like cycling, jogging and rowing.  Good luck!

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