Planting a Vegetable Garden for Spring : Best Locations for a Spring Vegetable Garden

Hello everybody I am David Rodriquez, horticulturist
with Texas Agricultural Extension service on behalf of Expert Village and we are going
to show you some gardening steps in preparing your vegetable garden for the spring planting.
Location, location, location one of the first steps that you need to do in getting your
vegetable garden ready for the springtime or getting a new vegetable garden started
is no shade trees. Vegetables need to be in eight to ten hours of all day full sun. Don’t
let the vegetables or vegetable garden compete against the root system of the tree, which
can go two times out from the main canopy of the tree or from the shade of the tree.
All vegetables that have fruit or seeds in them need full sun. Now some vegetables such
as cauliflower, spinach or your root crops can take a little bit less sun, four to six
hours, well all vegetables will be happy. So the first step is location, location, location,
don’t be planting your vegetable garden in a shady location.

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