Planting a Vegetable Garden for Spring : Area for Spring Vegetable Garden

Hello everybody I am David Rodriquez, horticulturist
with Texas Agri-life Extension service on behalf of Expert Village and we are going
to show you some gardening steps in preparing your vegetable garden for the spring planting.
All right folks, we mentioned that we want to pick a location that is level, weed free,
cleaned up as much as possible and away from shade trees. We can see that it is already
late in the afternoon and we have selected this area, it is not receiving eight to ten
hours of sun, but it receives a good four to six hours of sun. This would be a really
good area for any leafy crops or any root crops, we wouldn’t want to consider planting
fruiting vegetables that is going to have seeds like peppers, tomatoes because it is
not going to be enough sun. This simply is a flat area, it is level, it is clean and
we are getting it well prepared for future planting this spring.

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