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I’m Dana I’m Bella I’m Dasha and we’re
the creative team at Market Apartments so before doing our blog on apartment
decorating for each room which we decided to go to the bathroom on this
one we really wanted to show how you can decorate for cheap and then we wanted to
see if we could do it ourselves so the first pin that we wanted to try out
were painted mason jars that hold all of your bathroom supplies. the second
pin that we found was the Zen candle display and the
third one that we found was a roped trashcan and the last thing that we
wanted to try the fourth and final were framed bathroom quotes.
okay so we wanted to show you guys the items before we started to work with them. so
the first thing we did was put rubbing alcohol on each item in preparation for
the spray paint and we went outside and spray painted each item using the
acrylic spray paint and we did the same thing with the vase and the toothbrush
holder. We tried out the acrylic and the regular spray paint and on the left is
the regular and on the right is the acrylic and we found that the acrylic
one goes on thicker so you don’t have to do as many coats. And after everything
dried we took some of the decorative rope and tied it around each item and just hot glue gun it in place and this is how the
final product turned out. this is the original pin on the left side vs. ours on the right so this is when we were spray-painting the pie tin for the Zen candle garden. We spray-painted it and then we simply just
put the rocks in, put the candles in and then tied the rope around the candles. It
was super easy and really fast and this is the original pin on the left side
vs. ours on the right so right now I’m just putting glue on the fabric. I find that it sticks better to the fabric than the rope and it covers pretty well. And
this is the original pin on the left side vs. ours on the right. So we just
created our own graphics and printed it out and put it in a frame we got from
the dollar store and if you’re interested, the link to our free bathroom
quote graphics is in the description below. There’s about six quotes that you
can choose from. This is the original pin on the left side vers ours on the
right and this is how all the projects look in an actual bathroom Honest opinion time. I did the trashcan
so I have a pretty important opinion on it. it wasn’t hard but I feel like I would probably just go buy one. They’re
probably not that expensive. I’ll look into that further and get back to you
guys, but I don’t think that I would do this again. It’s cute
and it definitely came out a lot better than I thought because I’m not crafty at
all but yeah I think I would just go buy one. Super cute I would definitely do
this I would definitely have this in my bathroom because I love the candles the
rocks and you know everything just it’s simple and I could do that and I like it
so if I were to do this project again I would probably spend a couple extra
dollars to get a slightly nicer vase and I would also make sure that the vase was
clear or had an easy color you can see with the green it was really hard to
cover it with this spray paint but I do really like the flowers and the vase
idea so I would maybe just get a slightly different vase. I actually
really like hold all your bathroom stuff I think my favorite was probably the
framed quote but I might be a little biased since I made them. The toothbrush
holders sketches me out a little bit. the fact that my toothbrush would be in
something that was spray-painted. I’m not sure how safe that is, but they are still
really cute. Thanks for watching our video we hope that you found a lot of
the ideas helpful and if you have any other ideas or anything you would like
us to try, go ahead and comment that below. Also if you’re looking for your
next apartment you could go to our website where you can find a lot of apartments in your area and also
apartment living tips

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