Pilot Fountain Pen Manufacturing (with English captions)

Fountain pens were invented by Waterman in America in 1880. Various metals and plastics are used to make them. The most important part is the nib. For the nib, an alloy of pure gold, silver and copper is used. Scrap metal remaining after nibs have been stamped out is also used. Raw materials and scrap are put into a furnace. At this time, molten alloy at a temperature of 1000°C… … is poured into the mold. It is removed from the mold and quenched in water. The finished alloy is extruded using rollers. Gradually the roller gap is reduced, and it gets longer. It is reduced to a thickness of 0.5mm The shape of the nib is stamped out For the tip of the pen, the pen point, a different alloy is used. The pen point is a 1mm ball of extremely hard metal. The raw materials are osmium and iridium Osmium (chemical symbol Os) Iridium (chemical symbol Ir) An equal mixture of the raw materials is heaped on a little spoon. It is skimmed off using a roller… and uniform amounts are placed on a copper plate. It is instantly melted using an electric arc at more than 3000°C… and forms a ball due to surface tension. It is heated once more with the electric arc to perfect the sphere. The tipping is electric welded to the nib. The hardness of the tipping prevents wear. The imprint of the maker’s mark and the breather hole are stamped out together. Putting the curve in the nib. The nib is slit using a grinding wheel. The ink passes through this slit. The gap in the nib gradually narrows. Before processing. After processing. On the back of the nib, the feed is attached. Nib and feed. The role of the feed is to transmit ink to the nib. Feeds are mainly made of plastic. The raw materials are pressed into the mold. The middle channel is the ink channel. If the feed is dipped in ink, it flows in due to the capillary effect. When a fountain pen writes a character on paper, the ink flows into the gaps between the fibres. The barrel and cap and lots of other parts are made of plastic. Part of the cap. The metal part is put in the mold first… and the cap is molded and inlaid at the same time. Even though an adhesive is not used, the metal part wil not come off. The fountain pen is assembled. The cap is assembled. The detail parts are assembled by hand. The nib and feed are inserted into the section. Each pen is checked as it is assembled. The tip is finished by grinding on fine sandpaper to give a smooth writing feel. The finish is checked with a loupe. The final check for damage is performed during final assembly. And in this way the fountain pen can be delivered to us.

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55 thoughts on “Pilot Fountain Pen Manufacturing (with English captions)

  1. Oh wow…How the heck did I miss that?? Thanks for answering my (silly) question, Stephen…and many thanks to "kpschoedel" for adding the English captions to this great video 🙂

  2. 日本人の贔屓目でいうつもりはないけど,

  3. 한국시장에도 다양한 만년필들이 나왔으면하는 바램임. 일본PILOT와 한국PILOT가 자매히사인걸로아는데. 왜 한국PILOT에는 종류가 제한되어 있는지..

  4. Wow, I didn't know that fountain pens are an American invention, although it looks like the English caption mistakenly said this pen was invented in 1880, not 1884. :/ Either way, though–pretty interesting to watch this 🙂

  5. @Dovebar27:
    Fountain pens are NOT a American invention, just as much as the aeroplane, loghtbulb and computer aren't American inventions, they are all European, with the pen being from the ancient world.

  6. Does anybody know which Pilot pen they're manufacturing in this video? I think it's either the Custom 74 or the Custom 742 but I'm not sure…

  7. Pen is Pilot Custom 74 I THINK, nib belongs to the Vanishing Point/Capless (looking at my Capless nib right now, the nib looks the same.)

  8. I think unless the English captions are obvious the title should be changed. I tried everything but no English captions.

  9. @GirlGeek etc. The captions are found as a list sync'd to the film, by clicking the square symbol with a dark bar through it, an inch under the number of hits, and slightly to the left of said hits total. See it?

  10. Theresa A, the fountain pen was not invented by Waterman, as most people believe. It was invented by a Romanian guy, whose name was Petrache Poenaru – check wikipedia for this fact. He received a patent for his invention from the French government on 25th of May 1827, while Waterman's patent is dated 1884. Although now Poenaru is virtually unknown and Waterman became an international brand.

  11. Thanks for such an interesting and enjoyable video. The amount of detail and care they take at each stage is amazing and I never realised how much of it was done by hand not just machine alone

  12. There was no single inventor of fountain pen. Many people contributed gradual improvements. Feed was probably the most difficult part to perfect. Discussion on who invented the fountain pen is as meaningless as discussion on who invented the wheel.

  13. Wonder if the $2 cheapie fountain pens go through any of this, or is it entirely machine made, as I would have expected.

  14. I purchased mine at http://www.ebay.com/itm/121850647034?var=&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

  15. This is an older video so a lot of the processes shown are completely automated now. There's definitely not a person individually putting metal bands on the caps anymore, or an inspector polishing each and every nib by hand.

  16. If someone has the Acapela of the Prince of Bel Air Theme song, you could put that over the top of this hardcore 90's flavour

  17. i like how when i saw him melting that rod I instantly thought of the clone factories in china melting down old scrap metal and bike parts for their pen steel lol

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