Parrot Flower Power: The smart sensor watching over your plants!

The wireless plant monitor that measures
the health parameters of your plant Four sensors measure your
plants vital statistics Box contents Insert the battery and
close the lid tightly 6 months autonomy Your Parrot Flower Power
is functioning Plant the Flower Power vertically Make sure it has been positioned:
• Away from leaves
• Away from the edge of the pot Plant your Flower Power
up to the handle IPX5 / IPX7 water resistance Use indoor and outdoor! Real time monitoring of several
plants in the same pot You can control several
Flower Powers with a single account Database of over 6,000 plants

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6 thoughts on “Parrot Flower Power: The smart sensor watching over your plants!

  1. Good luck with the marketing and sales of the product, and hopefully you can get feedback from people who have used the product on these pages ( as compared to Mr Awakened 2 Truth who is a terminator from the year 2045 and is attempting to wipe out the use of the parrot flower power, as the technology leads to computers taking over the world in 2031 )

  2. Excellent idea!
    So, a little scenario for those who aren't adverse:
    You decide to take a vacation in a remote but still wireless connected location and all you have for a caregiver of your plants is a black thumbed or no thumbed friend or relative. If you have this, you will know when your plants are dying because your caregivers are too stupid to know when all the leaves fall off or turn brown the plant needs water or some form of fertilizer. (by the way, personal experience, nearly lost all of my indoor plants, did lose some)

    So, you think this cannot possibly be useful?

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