hello my friends today .. we have new subject new pen ….follow me today, our pen from well known and famous brand, PARKER before talking about our pen let us talk about important issue! when you talk about Parker to Parker lovers they always talk about specific models from Parker pens they believe that Parker still makes them like Parker 21,25 Parker 45 , 51 in fact, these pens produced in past in 40s – 70s 0f the last century and Parker stopped manufacturing them totally pens are upgrading the company develop their pens and start making new pens with new designs , new specifications so, all the old pens specially the Parker icon which is Parker 51 or Parker 45 they are either used or if they are new so they sold from person to person but the company didn’t produce them at time being ok, what Parker produce now? in fact, Parker has many pen models tow of them belong to luxury fountain pens they made from precious metal , or hand crafted , serial numbered like PREMIER and DOUFOLD but there is another models has the luxury style fountain pen features at the same time , they are heavy use pens like Parker Sonnet and Parker Urban in addition to the entry level fountain pens made for that people who looking for a good pen from Parker like Jotter, Vector, Frontier and Parker IM OK , today we talk about the most liked Parker pens category this category located at the mid of Parker pens portfolio which has a mixture of luxury style looking sleek in design at the same time they are pens for the daily use this category contain most liked Parker pens now which are … Parker Sonnet and Parker Urban so we will to about Parker Urban fountain pen follow me Parker Urban fountain pen it belong to Parker pens category has a mixture of luxury style and daily use pen this pen produced after 2010 and its also belong to 5th generation Parker fountain pens open the box there is card with introduction about Parker Urban the pen the instruction leaflet ,with international warranty a single use ink cartridge the pen , as you see sleek in design , very nice in fact, they changed its design the body and cap are made from metal coated with special material gives its luxury looking the clip, from stainless steel , Chrome plated both ends, Chrome plated the ring plated with Chrome engraved with Parker opening the pen very good open and close the changes in Parker pens and called the 5th generation fountain pens as you know the Parker old nid had special design but the new one has larger nib , more flexible to improve the quality and durability so , this nib made from stainless steel , Chrome plated engraved with parker the suction has very good design and its comforatable also its supported with stainless steel ring , Chrome plated to protect the suction opening the body… the ink converter the clip .. the arrow design , well known for Parker pens we will try writing with this pen let us use the cartridge let us do writing… very good… it has a good ink flow… very smooth in writing…. lines… no feedback … really…. i like it …. very good pen the design …. elegant…. modern i hope you enjoined my presentation thank you for watching ….

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