Our first Vegetable Garden!!

hey guys it’s Danielle if you saw my day
in the life video recently I got home from work and my husband had planted our
full vegetable garden this is our first time with a vegetable garden and we have
no idea what we’re doing so you might see some or many novice mistakes but I
thought I would take you on a quick tour of how it is looking so far I hope you
enjoy this please give it a thumbs up and thanks for watching this is a little
pumpkin then back here we have a bunch of peppers of different varieties you
know bell peppers jalapeno things of that nature here we have six strawberry
plants and then these came up from last year so chives it’s mostly oregano it’s
like ridiculous we need a pare it down yeah we need to get rid of some
and there are some mint leaves herbs that we added our cilantro
flat leaf parsley and two rosemary then we have 12 onions here we have a bunch of tomato plantsof
different varieties steak tomatoes cherry tomatoes a bunch of different I don’t
remember what these are Oh cucumbers I honestly didn’t know he did that oh good that that’s good
I thought he forgot that okay and then these are corn six cornp plants the other
side of those tomatoes and then have a bunch of spinach here we caged some because we’re a
little worried about the bunnies and then lastly we have three raspberry bushes
one of them i’m guessing it’s this one it’s like a golden raspberry and then
these two are normal raspberry and then this the blackberry bush and I thought
it takes a year to bear fruit but the guy at the nursery said we might this year
and then this is James’ corner to dig around and play and what do you do here
game for you looking for ah what are you looking for in this garden
treasure so we just kinda let him dig around and play hi oh yeah it’s a lot of
fun Wow give this video a thumbs up if you’d like to see our progress fingers
crossed and we get some produce up in the end of the season
thanks again for watching and please subscribe have a great day you

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10 thoughts on “Our first Vegetable Garden!!

  1. Awesome, we did our first garden this year too. We also have a ton of oregano from the previous owners. Good luck! 😊

  2. Great video and good work, thumbs up. Thanks for your visit. I have subscribed to your channel and activated the notification bell.

  3. Good video and thumbs up. I have also subscribed with my kid's channel, please subscribe back. Thanks

  4. aye nice video! very watchable! thumbs up from me haha! def had to sub❀️! hope u can check me out and let's keep in touch πŸ˜πŸ’•

  5. how cool!! we've been thinking of growing vegetable too! but we live in the desert! scared i might not be able to grow anything!

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