Organic gardening ideas for beginners – organic terrace gardening for beginners step by step

you've got Sun gold Tomatoes those are the best you can see them on the bush here these are absolute favorite they are like candy they are so sweet hi guys it's Amanda and bill and Sophie and Alex and we are here to give you our July garden tour because a lot has grown and we have harvested quite a bit since our last tour at the end of this video I'll put in a bunch of pictures of all of the things that we have harvested already as well let's take a look around the garden and see what is right now this is our little blueberry eater this is our little everything eater we give her anything from the garden and she'll eat it you gonna pick some blueberries too don't you go give it to Daddy you can see that the zucchini plant has a couple of zucchinis I could pick now or let them get a little bigger another couple that are still small they're in forming this cherry tomato plant is a little behind because I got it when it was very small but it should be making ripe tomatoes pretty quick this is the early girl that'll be our first big sized tomato and it you can tell it's almost ready that's the way they'd pick it if they were gonna put it in a store it's about that right all these sungold plants KO it coming along and cucumbers are pretty happy see if we can see any of the cucumbers in there there's one we've already picked all the big ones yeah I just harvested these guys but you see that one's uh that one's almost ready that will be a pickle and that one's a heirloom tomato but don't as a way to go but has some green ones I have two lemon cucumbers we're just starting to get those got one of those the first one of those today actually beefsteak type tomatoes those are slicing cukes there's a few that are starting on that one those I think I mostly planted from seed so they started a little later we're getting some strawberries now got enough here really tasty ones so feed some pretty much a say yeah more cucumbers more Sun gold Tomatoes pickles as you can see we liked cherry tomatoes here yeah he always does a butt ton of the Sun gold yeah yeah and we eat all of them we just eat them off the plant well sometimes put them in salads but usually they just get usually they just get eaten first beefsteak style tomato you can see some of those ones down in there I think this is an heirloom but that one will be ripe and not-too-distant future that is a eggplant that is finally making some blooms bunch of that down whole thing is just when it starts getting really tall yeah and kind of bitter all and trying to reproduce these yeah trying to go to seed yeah so we're gonna chop a bunch of that down I'm gonna replant some lettuce and chard but we're still getting some lettuce leaves off of these over here yeah I pulled some offer our smoothie this morning and we harvested all the broccoli over here to the herbs are the same as ever here same as last time these are our various bell peppers and you can see that you look here the purple one yeah some of those got picked by the kids prematurely but uh that's the peppers they will be right route eventually here all these peppers are happy and these peppers aren't the jalapeno is just are not half now I'm not quite sure why last year the habaneros did really well but this year the even smaller pots um I don't know yeah or they're just not feeling like they're getting quite enough light they're getting almost 12 hours a day yeah I don't know bill just picked a couple of banana peppers here so good the banana peppers really good here's our big tree that's being taken over by morning boy what planet do we live on yeah these are the figs that are sprouting this year these are the figs that are left over from last year and these ones are almost right they're getting soft we'll actually be able to eat that one yeah one in this one there's a couple of them yeah so this is a sugar pumpkin plant and you can see a little sugar pumpkin forming there squash here what kind of squash is it in you got Hubbard and acorn and pumpkins our potatoes are pretty ripe pretty mature now we've been getting potatoes out of this just kind of pulling them off the sides I already had a good pressure cooker full these guys we've harvested a whole bunch I'm gonna harvest a bunch more these are the sugar snap peas yeah a little old but they're still still going strong so good I just come out and sneak out here after the kids go to bed sometimes and then and just munch on them these are our beans you can see that these beans are immature but they're getting there with my beans say what you do about the Morning Glory cuz I've actually had somebody ask about that do I do about morning boy what do you do about morning glory and beans specifically because we can kind of take over well I'm going down as far as I can find on the stock of the morning glory that's what I'm doing luckily there's only like one stock morning glory in here yeah could be a lot worse I just killed it hopes that I think that these beds are kind of further away from ya all the other morning glory these rattlesnake beans for some reason grew faster than my my Kentucky blue these are kind of speckled yeah these are really good just to eat them straight we like cooking them too the onions here are basically done they're hardening off yeah these are the radishes we'll see how they're doing they're kind of look like they're suffering from a lack of light I might plant more if I after I get rid of the onions here they're kind of getting taken over by carrots and onions and these are our carrots all these carrots oh these are carrots I get a chance what colored carrots are there Alex orange and we also have whoo that's a healthy one yeah and we got purple carrots and white carrots too right nice-looking carrot yeah all right we've got the new apple trees here so that one that one and that one are still young enough that they don't have any apples on them this year oh nevermind I lied there are a few on this one I guess there are okay so there are two on that one and three on this one so there they're gettin started there's a couple right there broke what happens are still ripening it's not completely broken so it will continue to ripen and I'm gonna let these apples finish ripening and then I'm going to chop the branch off yeah it broke didn't it and cherries cherries are all done now we are on to plums near in right in the midst of plum season right now these are right I'm gonna pick them this afternoon got the golden plums yep golden plums are ready to go get those before the mold spreads and we have our purple plums oh I guess that one's all dense we had these trees all of a sudden they're all the fruit gets ripe and the aquick have to pick them all and then we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and we have to give them way to friends and eat them and make things out of them real quick so the purple one is done now and then these last two little ones they aren't producing yet are they it's pear so that is all for today you guys thanks for joining us on our little garden tour and don't forget to Like and subscribe if you hadn't done so already so you can get a notification every time I put out a new video and also if you haven't already be sure to go on over and like my Facebook page cuz I often will post things about our garden in there that I don't necessarily have time to make a full video about so thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see you next time

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