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Good morning Pilipinas! So you want to improve your handwriting. Watch this video and this might just be what you are looking for to help you pass the Philippine bar exams, or your law school exams Gear Matters! The type of writing instrument that you use is a big factor that dictates how you write. How come? Because each type of writing instrument has it’s own inherent characteristics. The [current] and most common writing instrument uses pressure to write. If you want to improve your handwriting, or at the least prepare for the Philippine bar exams, or law school, I suggest to remove pressure in writing. In other words, give away all of your ball pens. Although the ball pen is a great invention because it is convenient, The truth is, it really wrecks your handwriting. If you are using a ball pen for your law school exams, or the Philippine bar exams, Your writing hand is probably fatigued a quarter of the way into it. And when your hand is fatigued, you will have to endure it. The longer you endure it, the harder it is to make it legible. And this is a source of stress. I know because this is my experience when I took the Philippine bar exams, [and in law school]. Yes, during [those] times I used a gel pen. Although, it is expensive and a smooth roller. Despite that, my hand was fatigued a quarter of the way in. I kid you not, my handwriting is chicken scrawl when I use regular ball pens. Although it became [legible] when I used the smooth rolling ball pen. Then I used a fountain pen. Though I wish someone taught me how to use a fountain pen when I was still a law student. If you want an in-depth discussion as to why you should use a fountain pen or how to use a fountain pen. Please click here. Yes, THAT I-card. That will take you to a playlist with videos just for you. But, if you want the TLDR I’ll just tell you that a fountain pen does not write with pressure. Here is a sample video if you want proof. See. A properly working fountain pen will write with it’s own weight. All you have to do is to guide the tip to form the letters. For this reason alone, your writing hand wont tire easily. If that is the case, then that is less stress for you while taking the Philippine bar exams, or your law school exams How does this relate to you? As I’ve said before in this channel, the Philippine bar exam is a beauty pageant. It is better to present a good answer, than a correct answer presented poorly. And in order to present a good answer, at the minimum your hand writing must be legible. I have been saying on this channel, the Philippine bar exams, or law school in general requires you to manage stress. From law school, your review stage for the Philippine bar exams, until you finish the fourth Sunday. It is my humble opinion that a fountain pen will help you minimize your stress. However, in order to maximize your enjoyment of a fountain pen, You must first learn how to use a fountain pen, to maintain a fountain pen, and get used to using your chosen fountain pen. If you plan to explore using a fountain pen, you SHOULD start using a fountain pen NOW If you want to learn more about fountain pens, I suggest that you join the Fountain Pen Network – Philippines on Facebook. I will put the link in the description. Or you could join us at the Manila Pen Show on November 16 and 17, 2019 at the Holiday Inn Makati. Use the #manilapenshow on Facebook and [Instagram] for details. If you are a law student or a bar taker, and you are only in it for the tips on how to take the bar, or how to answer your exams, This is the end of the road for you. If you want to watch my other videos on the same topic please click here. Yes… it’s that one. Proceed at your own peril. But, If you want to know how the fountain pen helped me shake off the black dog, Well watch on. Writing helped me. Enormously. Basically, writing gave me back my life. Being able to physically write my thoughts down… It’s very therapeutic. It’s very calming. Pen to paper, gave me the ability to express the bubbling emotions from behind my smiling face. It is like a release valve so I wont become Mob at 100%. Yes, that is another anime reference for you. I really love to write. Truth be told, if I use my Platinum Preppy with this particular notebook, I can consume all 60 sheets in less that a day. I will link down in the description where you can buy them. But, no. This is not a sponsored video. And after writing hours and hours on end. My writing hand does not cramp up. And that is freaking awesome. One of the reasons why I love to write is the ability to change the ink of my fountain pen. If I tire of the color, all I have to do is consume the ink, or consume the ink. It is just 1cc. Then I’ll change it to a color that will motivate me to write. Believe me when I tell you that the color of the ink in your fountain pen influences how you write. As a matter of fact, while I am writing this script there is a long segment that is written in English that I have translated impromptu. It happened when I transitioned from grey to blue-black ink. Because somehow, the color of the ink… I am not saying this applies to everyone, but at least for me, it influences the emotions or the thoughts that I can express. It will surprise you. You wont notice it until it happens. Benefits of Analog Writing. I am finding that I am more expressive and natural in my writing compared to using a keyboard. Not just posting on Facebook, or digital. Don’t get me wrong, I am not egging on technology but there is something… There is something about analog writing I can’t explain it but there is something there. It is really motivating. How writing helped you mentally? Being able to express my thoughts, my emotions, to process what is happening to me… As a matter of fact, I find excuses to write things down because I enjoy writing so much. To release my pent up emotions for the day, that you wont have to think about it before sleeping, and you get a good night sleep… to me that is invaluable. Writing also allows me to artificially seclude myself from the world. In a noisy coffee shop, a government office, or anywhere. When I start writing, everything is zoned out. Just white noise in the background. That is calming. You know… I am alone with my thoughts… To me, that is very important for self improvement. Because what you are doing is analyzing yourself. Your motivations for thinking a certain way. Your emotions…. or reactions to stuff that is happening to you. You’ll be surprised that you have dug deep into yourself. How writing helped you creatively? Believe it or not, this channel was born because I love writing so much. I wrote my first scripts with my fountain pen. I started with outlines. But right now, they are long and complicated like this one. Look at it. Presently, I write them down first then edit them later on the computer. Say, when I open my law books, or codals What I do is clear the table, I am alone, My thoughts, law books, codals, my pen, my notebook. That is all that is on the table. I then write down a draft outline. Then eventually I write the script out in the course of 2, 4, 5 hours. Sometimes, It takes me the entire day depending how complicated the topic is. As a matter of fact, my video about our misandrist culture, case in point until now men do not enjoy protection from domestic violence, what I do is I have a notebook I repeatedly edit and refine my scrip for that [topic]. Over and over. Hoping that it will become useful, and constructive. Not just a bunch of rants. Writing things down gives me a creative boost in terms of actual creativity, and being able to solve problems. Case in point, my “Why I Vlog” video. My first plan for the video turned out to be too elaborate in terms of the setups which is beyond my capability right now because of my basic editing and film making skills. But when I wrote down the entire sequence, I discovered the things that are beyond my abilities. Then do a work around and match it with my current skill level, and at the same time push myself. So writing gave you purpose. So my love letter ends here. And, believe it or not… yeah this video is scripted. But… I threw the script out because I want this video to be raw. So, if you like this video please give it a like. Subscribe and hit the bell notification so you’ll be [notified] when my videos come out. If you want to say something or ask anything, just hit me up in the comments down below. If you really like my video, please share it on social media. And if you REALLY, Really, REALLY like my videos Please consider supporting me on Patreon to help in offsetting my expenses for making these videos. AND. AND. So I can make more videos like THIS. Again, I am Bacon Palacio. Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next video. Bye! Black god and I You still here? Most likely, you want to learn how the fountain pen helped me shake off the “Black Dog”. Writing helped me… well… it helped me name, and confront the dogs that have been hounding me during that time. I was dealing with a lot of stuff. My emotions were roller coaster. In truth, I do not know how to overcome it. So, if you are looking for salvation, this is not the video for you. You need to find help. Somehow. However, any mature man our age knows that the “Black Dog” is a Sword of Damocles. It is always there. I accepted that the “Black Dog” is inherent to men. *laugh* *gasp of air* As a matter of fact, I firmly believe that it is the consequence of it. Be that as it may, I am telling this to you: the “Black Dog” is NOT a necessary cross to bear. We KNOW that to give our lives purpose, we INTENTIONALLY look for the heaviest cross we can bear. But, this is not the one you should bear. True! It is a cross. BUT, you need NOT suffer. Well… I suffered from it. Because I did not know how to deal with it. Maybe dealing with it will help you shake it off. I do not know. But, that was how I shook mine off. And I hope to God and pray that you find the grit, and resolve to keep on walking. So this is the end of the video. I wish you all the best. *muted*

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