NowThis Visits Rob Greenfield’s Front Yard Garden

Lucy: I’m so excited to check out this
garden, try some food. Can we eat as we go? Rob: There’s all sorts of things we can
munch on. Lucy: Alright, let’s do it! Rob: I’ll show you this pepper plant,
first. This has produced over 1,000 peppers
since I started. There’s probably 300 peppers on this
plant alone, right now. Lucy: From one seed? Rob: From one seed that I just snagged
from a friend’s garden, this has produced for the last year, this has been putting out peppers. Lucy: Can I eat a pepper Rob: Ya Lucy: Is it spicy? You look nervous. Rob: I’ll do it with you but I don’t know
how this is going to go. (laughing) Lucy: I think we should do it. Cheers!
Rob: They’re somewhat hot. (Music) We might have to take a break. (Music) Lucy: Okay. (Rob laughs) I’m good, I’m good, I’m good.

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