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25 thoughts on “Nile monitor keeps coming back to visit Davie back yard

  1. Nile monitors can be as deadly as a lion so to that fact most dangers for children and pets is not totally accreted that thing can kill an adult. Unlike mammal or birds they are not pets and no matter how much human contact only lives by instinct and given the chance will kill and eat people that choose to own them.

  2. Thats not a Nile monitor…. Thats an Asian water monitor. Good job florida, yet another invasive species. Asian water monitors are WAY bigger than Niles too.

  3. stands on hind legs….really, must have missed that with mine….both my asian water and my nile. Of course they can do it if necessary but not when threatened, that'll be an argus. In addition the only monitor that will go for a human would be a Komodo. I don't really comment on anything really but this really annoys me because in this case the casualties will be the animals themselves. Get a grip.

  4. a beautiful monitors they shave me handsome in Cape Coral I've never seen one alive indicate only one dead one full size that buy a car

  5. I don't see a big deal, I doubt it will attack a human adult.
    Bet they will catch it and kill it just for the fun of it(and bragging rights).

  6. Hard to see but looks like it could be a Nile to me. Their pattern can look exactly the same as an Asian water monitor. The only difference is a water monitors nostrils are at the end of its snout while the Nile and ornate monitors nostrils are closer to their eyes..roughly halfway between their eye and the end of their snout. Patterns vary widely on all of them these days

  7. Stands on its back legs?? ? ffs. Get proper info, not even the right monitor, and it will eat ya pet but no ya kids, it will turn and run….now iguanas, there the nut job of the reptile world!

  8. I literally would've kept it as a pet because that's probably what it was before it started running around. lmfao.

  9. That's an Asian water monitor not a nile monitor…'Ive got one as a pet they're more scared of you than you are of them…just leave them alone.

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