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21 thoughts on “New Office Layout Walkthrough at Innovative Dental

  1. I 100% agree that bringing the outside in is very calming and relaxing. The new building is looking great 👍

  2. People are out of Work
    Businesses are forced closed
    Yet you put a a video Bragging About your new office?
    Talk about bad timing

  3. This place is going to be EPIC! Even though we are in St Louis i am really looking forward to having my husband and family get treatment there. My boys would love the teen lounge too.
    You are right about helping others and being kind, we need more of that today. The LORD is going to bring us through this for sure, seeing the glass half full instead of empty never hurts either.

  4. I am a dentist/surgeon in Romania going on 14 years of practice.The clinic you are building doctor,I don't think I would afford in 50 years.In my city there are 300-400 clinics for 350000 people😁.You should visit Timisoara,the city of dentists.Best of luck to you and your practice.Stay safe in this hard times.Love your work

  5. Hi from Ukraine… I am pretty sure that it will be a cool dental clinic…go ahead…

  6. It is really coming along! I'm excited for you all, I'm looking forward to seeing the end results. Take care, stay safe and healthy! Keep the videos coming. A big shout out from Nova Scotia, Canada 🦷🦷🦷

  7. "Space with exterior views.. helps to make people more calm" ?
    Ça dépend des personnes. Sûrement pour beaucoup.

  8. It will be a fantastic place when it will be finished. This facility seems huge. Are there more dental facilities like this?

  9. Looks fantastic mate. Coming along nicely, it's got a good layout. Are you not in lockdown where you live? Anyway, love the vids, keep it up 🙂

  10. As for your exterior window question. Yes you're absolutely right. I've read that people feel calmer when they can see a long way out into the distance, it's an evolutionary thing being able to see any enemy or animals coming (whether one believes evolution or not. That's what I read)

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