New land and a horticultural question

alright I just come from the signing of
the paperwork for my land that I bought now I’m on my way to the courthouse to
file the paperwork so make sure the property taxes get sent to me and that’s
it i’m the owner of two more acres done deal these are the may hose on that land
eibach and it’s taken days and days and days to get all the vines and other
stuff that was growing up on them off and i’m going to show you what they all
look like here they all look like this these are all meha trees just totally
totally covered in vines and poison ivy poison oak and other stuff growing up in
amongst them these two pines are coming down the sweet cone is coming down the
dead thing here is coming down but i just wanted to it was yeah it was
knee-deep and branches around it because over time it’s disintegrated and
everything’s falling at its base so i am about probably a third of the way done
cleaning this up the way I want to the hardest part is going to be up against
the fence behind this row of houses okay you ready if you gross out easily turn
your head my wife thinks I shouldn’t do this but I’m gonna do it well that’s
really close it’s a boy stur then popped how did you let it get that bad well it
popped last night and this morning I sort of rubbed it and then the skin came
off and then it just okay we don’t got worse and worse that’s all festering in
bubbling you okay I just surprised that you
didn’t have this doctor it anyway okay well crack this that’s no I’m gonna do a
band-aid okay I’ll keep it covered so sorry you had to see that sorry I have
such poor taste that I showed you that okay somebody help me these came up in
my pots and I’ve had a few come up in my flower beds I don’t know what it is it
the leaves look like venca but it’s not there’s a bloom I have no idea what
these are they’re not anywhere in my yard or anywhere that i know of just in
these pots and a couple came up in my flower bed and then my friend Beverly
I’ve planted some hollyhock in her flower bed and some other and they came
up in her flower bed and we pulled them up because we thought there they were
weeds and they maybe I have no idea so if anybody recognizes these she would
appreciate it if you’d let her know cuz she stunk yeah you know if they’re like
a flower I will keep them but I have no idea not in my planting of seed we don’t
know you can’t smoke it yeah yeah you know I don’t recall a flower and the
seed that I would plant that look like this and when they first came up I
thought they were vente but because I have planted venkat see but I’m stumped
what are they i hate i would hate to pull them up and they be you know like a
really really cool flower but so far I don’t see much other than it looking
like a weed okay you have to stop talking now because if you talk too much
people will give you thumbs down okay sorry sorry

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60 thoughts on “New land and a horticultural question

  1. I don't recognize the mystery plant, either… Though, for how lush, green, and vigorous it's growing, my inclination is that it's a weed! (Why can't my flowers grow this well? *sigh*)

  2. I don't recognize the plants either can't wait to find out if someone knows. LOL, can't smoke it. dang it!

  3. Do you plan on restoring the mayhaw orchard by cleaning them up, or are you planning to tear them all out? Looking good…nothing like working the land! 🙂

  4. Being a Western Illinois native I finally caught your pronunciation of Mayhaw tree. Googled. Understand that we viewers will have to wait till next spring to see some Mayhaw jelly made?

  5. Do a Google image search for American Poke Weed or poke berry and see what you think, that what it looks like to me!

  6. The plant looks like Poke to me because of the red at the base of the stem. It roots really easy from cuttings like if you run over it with the mower and spread it around you get lots more Poke.

  7. You are not sorry about showing your blister! You are the same as my Hubby – showing off the war wounds and going into great detail because you are so proud of it. Oh you men…(shaking my head and rolling me eyeballs) Darn good thing we need you (men)!!! HAHAHA taking out the rubbish, helping bring in the groceries, and mowing lawns! LOL …. said in joking fun tone. ~ Karen

  8. Smoke the may haw, the name suggests it may be good for a laugh. The other one looks like a coca plant they make cocaine with, or that could be wishful thinking. Coca leaf is very good for pain relief, less adrenal mess than coffee, and we should be able to use it. Seems it's less hard on the kidneys n stuff. This post is just like what happens when a weed starts growin and you just let it.

  9. That's a nice piece of land. Would be cool to put some berry bushes on it or plant melons again and make some money and tomatoes, sweet potatoes and other stuff and have a great source of food if things go bad.

  10. You do good work, have that place and those trees lookin might nice. Looks like my posts are multiplyin like weeds … google plantain the weed. It's great medicinally, I mean GREAT for bug bites n stings or infections and it grows about everywhere except my place because I think I used it all up and it seems to be gone O_O You chew it up and put in on the affected area. Works at times when nothing else can be found that will. Draws nasty stuff out or something. Really great stuff.

  11. without seeing the flower or seed pods I'm only guessing from google search they could be either Himalayan Balsam or
    touch me nots if you don't want them to spread pluck the flowers off as they wilt. good luck finding the right ID for them.

  12. I have to agree with some of the other comments I believe it is american pokeweed.

  13. I am no plantotologist so I really cant help, great blister Brad, does a man proud! ~jman

  14. No idea what the plant is, but as a famous internet surgeon, I concur with the methodology of your self treatment program.

  15. Ok all the poke weed tubers win-that 's what it was and I say was because I pulled them all up. You would not believe the roots in those little pots. I went to the field close to our house where I know there is poke weed and you guys are right, there was my mystery plant in larger size. I guess my senior moments are coming more often and staying longer. I should have known it was a weed my how quickly they grew. Thanks to everyone for solving the plant mystery!

  16. Your plant looks like pokeweed to me too. Birds like the berries. When they are less than 2 feet tall you can cook & eat them but you have to change the water several times. Check out this site:

  17. BTW, your finger did not gross me out. We all need to know that stuff like that can happen and that we should be prepared to deal with it.

  18. Truckers are tough not grossed out here 10-4. Do you folks make jams,jelly or syrup from the mayhaws?

  19. Sure will, it's good when prepared correctly. About like eating spinach, turnip greens, kale greens, etc. They have recipes online.

  20. Wow! Looks awesome ! Have you ever used tea tree oil foe healing? Works great. Thumbs up for Mrs BC : ) kinda looks like a pepper plant ? Lol

  21. I really think you should have your lovely wife narrate your videos. Just love her voice she sounds so sweet. She will never be the reason for a thumbs down! lol

  22. I was taught to to check the stems to the leaves for the purple coloration. If it starts to turn any amount, don't use it.anything above it on the stalk that hasn't turn yet is fair game. Usually I wait till I start to see that then start picking above that. I know younger the better and more tender. I just a little more greedy that way. Granny taught me to wash, boil, and wash again when if need be. Bacon drippins, egg, butter(real butter). I'M HUNGRY!!!!!

  23. BC LOLOLOLOLLL…if you talk to much we give you a thumbs down LOLOLOLOLLL..congrats on the property hope it's worth that beautiful bloody blister …:-))))

  24. that was a nasty blister, thought you "prepped" gloves?? plant kinda looks like polk salad? not sure?
    I probably should have read through the comments, someone knows exactly what the plant is!! LOL!

  25. i can see you have done alot of work on the land already. Its looking good keep up the good work

  26. Its Pokeweed, Ithink its also called wild spinach, just did a video on it in my carrots video Its poisonous but edible if boiled and liquid poured off a time or two. Delicious mixed with turnip greens or fried in a skillet with eggs.

  27. Folks eat poke all the time (I hear you can still buy it in cans, down south, but MUST be hand picked, so it cost too much and fell out of favor when folks stopped home canning) and they call it poke "salad". It's actually poke "SALET", but sounds like salad. So they pick it, and put it in a bowl with Italian dressing, then take a ride to the ER 😒 with an upset stomach.  I do enjoy it every spring.  I have one plant that I let grow and get all excited when the shoots start coming up. (Tip: clip the pokeberries off in late summer, they propagate like weeds on steroids)  I like to chop it up and mix it in with scrambled eggs… And yes, of course, BACON 😁.  If you like asparagus with scrambled eggs, you'll love it. But, if you hate asparagus, don't let that stop you. Medicinally, Native Americans use it to cure arthritis.  Here is a reliable link to Dr. Dean's "Eat the Weeds" eps#7.  To be safe, I boil first and only use the young shoots. Some say young shoots don't need to be boiled, only the young leaves.  Here is another link  Before ditching those young plants, give it a try. The poison, by the way, is tannic acid. Like what's in tea, just more of it.  Grandmas always said, "Don't eat that, it's poison". So, we grow up thinking something will kill us, when it will probably just give you an upset stomach, if that. 😇 Good Luck, +Blessings

  28. You have a done a lot of work out there ; looks great. You are becoming the Land Baron! That finger is just waiting to get infected too!

  29. grats on the new property 🙂 ouch on the thumb, lol if she talks to much thumbs down? looks like weed to me tfs

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