Natural Cat Repellent | BEST Indoor and Outdoor Repellents for Training Cats | Furniture Spray

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32 thoughts on “Natural Cat Repellent | BEST Indoor and Outdoor Repellents for Training Cats | Furniture Spray

  1. I am alergic … how do I keep all dogs and cats away. I have a lot of birds visiting my yard and don't want them to leave.

  2. Hey on your website you say that you want to mention an alternative indoor one, a mat, but then you didn't actually list it… you just described it without giving its name or links to it.

  3. Do you have any suggestions for areas that have water restrictions where we are unable to use sprinklers under penalty of heavy monetary fines?  Do the trees work on a patio/patio furniture?

  4. a wise man once told me that lead  works wonders,especially when dispensed from a .22 air rifle.the cats do not seem to return to the garden.

  5. Wow I must have blinked and missed the NATURAL part. Where do the MOTION ACTIVATED SPRINKLERS grow, is the MOTION ACTIVATED CAT SPRAY a fruit of a tree in your imaginary NATURAL world?

  6. ou will need rosemary (fresh or dried), lemon juice, and white vinegar . Mix in any ratio you want (all are repellant to cats). Put in spray, shake and use as needed.

  7. Any citric fruit is good….get an orange or lemon, or better still a tin of oranges, then sneak up on the cat, and with all your might… crack it's fuckin head open with it. !!!!!

  8. Another good way to prevent cats on your garden is to ….when you've just spent all day preparing your garden border, and raking the soil over to a nice fluffy tilth ready to plant out the bedding plants, try leaving the garden rake at the side of the border.   Then, when that pesky moggie from over the road sneaks over at night to shit on your flower bed, you only have to reach for the rake in order to twat it over the head. Repeat the blows over again for another few minutes….I've found this to work a treat !

  9. if you don't have any pets who needs air, try to sprinkle pepper in areas to go thru. it will give then a runny nose.

  10. I've tried it all, our cat keeps getting up on the counters. I've got two options left. get rid of him or hook up and electric fence around my counters, see how he likes that. any comments?

  11. how keep stray cats off window sills. they want to look in the window and scratch at the screen, putting large holes in the window screens. I want to replace my screens but not until I can be certain that the stray cats are not going to be jumping up there. Is there a spray that will deter them by the smell?  I maintain these cats and I trap and release to get them fixed.  please help. thanks

  12. my cat has shit on my bed in my room once n peed on on it 3 times n shit 2 times n peed 2 times on my chair in my room over a period of 2 to 3 months. how can I keep my cat from doing this again

  13. Also try Bounce maximum strength fabric softener sheets and orange essential oils… had a box of the former in my child's bassinet and worked wonders… to cats both smell manure and avoided like the plague ?

  14. I am about to try poison. My neighbor's cat hates him and his property and keep coming into mine. I just turned around and he was sitting on my kitchen sink. WTH!!!

  15. HELLLLPPP!!! New neighbors moved in upstairs a month ago. They have 2 cats, one boy and one girl. They leave their doors open so the cats are all over the house. They are in the front hallway knocking over my flowers in the vases and my figurines and on my little hallway 'smell good' table. I like a nice fragrance when you enter the hall to the overall house. THAT'S NOT THE WORST PART! ! EVERY time I go into the basement to wash I smell their spray before I even start heading down the stairs. AND they've been in my storage area digging bags, going in bins and pulling things out. It smells like they sprayed a bag. They've even used both rugs in my storage area as a scratching post. There are no doors on the storage areas. I've been here 3 years. I don't mind the cats but I do mind their spraying and digging in my things. What should I do?

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