Hello guys Marialyn here! Today I will be
introducing you to some members of our family – not necessarily humans but those
who are living in the same space as we are. I will be also exposing their
secret lives so without further ado let’s go! so here are the members of our family!
Were u surprised? it is actually plants! as you know plants are also living organisms so
technically, they are living and alive! I will be introducing you each
one of them. These is a money plant I believe this is from Jehson Go so
Jehson, shout out to you! thank you so much for handing me this!
this one is a succulent, as this one as well. this has been with me for two years and the thing that I love the most with them is that, they are not demanding and you can just
have them on the corner or on the I don’t know where! You can actually put it
anywhere they can live without water for, I believe, a
month or two? I just sprayed them sometimes to keep them hydrated so they
are actually good to go this is the newest member of the gang it’s called Calatheya, it has a purple/pinkish leaf under and then a distinct pattern on the
surface. This is a Peace Lily, this is a very good air purifier as you know. This
is the Z Z plant, this is actually pretty easy to take care of – I guess that’s why
it’s called ZZPlant (I’m not sure about that but I just made it up now) this is
very easy to handle, they don’t demand so much water and they don’t demand
sunlight neither so you can just put them in the corner and they’ll be happy there.
Over here, is monstera mother plant . I called it mother plant because you can see the shoot here, we cut them for propagation.
So, this one actually is a baby of that or a product of the propagation from
that. Right now I have another one that is almost ready to go! See, it has
roots but I’m planning to let it have more roots than that before I will be
repotting them. They are actually happy to be in the water as well. This is a
Prayer plant. it’s called prayer plant because you will see the reason later.
All that I can say is that, this is the most energetic plant I’ve ever seen
this one over here is a chic plant. It is called, snake plant. this one over here is
a humidifier and it helps the plants to be hydrated but if you don’t have
something like this, you can also put water on a bowl or in a bucket and then
put them in the area where the plant is so whenever the water will be evaporated,
it will go directly in the air and then it will help the plants to keep
moisturized** like us! so this monstera plant is actually very
popular I love having them with marble. I love that aesthetic but actually they are not recommended if you
have kids in the house or if you have dogs because they can these can be
poisonous for them. So if you have them, have them on a pedestal or
somewhere that the kids or the dogs cannot reach. the thing that I like about having plans
at home is that they make me happy and they purify the air of course, but also,
it’s actually really good to look at. You might not know this but, before I almost cannot have plants. it always dies and I couldn’t take care of them.
I’m not sure why but I understood now that the plants should match your
personality. I am a person who always forgets stuff like; watering and I don’t
like routines and stuff so these plants are pretty independent by themselves and
doesn’t actually demand. It’s always good to have a bottle spray like this and you
can just spray them to keep them hydrated. Also, when this becomes dusty I usually clean them, too. My husband thinks sometimes that I’m crazy because I told
him, “don’t say bad words the plants because plants reacts to how we treat
them” I also want to shout out to Karen Karen Millare is the one who
owned most of the plants here like; the prayer plant, the snakes plant and the mother monstera, the peace lily and the money plant that died.
She handed them over to me because she had to move north and she couldn’t bring
it with her on the plane so, now I am the aunties of these plants and I’m really
proud that they are still alive up ’til today and I hope they will still be
alive for a very long time also, I bought this plant accessories on it’s a very cheap place to buy stuff so this was one dollar I think or
two dollars and you can put water in them and they’re very good to have
especially when you’re gonna go out of the house for more than two days because this can keep the plant hydrated while you’re gone
Q: so which plant do you actually like or have at home? I would love to know it on
the comments section down below and what do you think is the best for your
personality? that’d be interesting to know and I will be seeing you in the
next clip

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40 thoughts on “My Family Members SECRET LIVES || REVEALED

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