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hey guys what I’m about to teach you
today you might not even be spending even a dollar guys Guys welcome back to thousand ways to make money cash money coins gold whatever cold hard cash cash if
you like money give us a thumbs up on the bottom on this on the there and make sure to subscribe to us now we’re gonna go and talk about how you can make money
with this one tool that you might have in your house that your dad might be
using it every weekend can anybody guess I’m not talking about dumbbells guys I’m
talking about the lawnmower machine okay now if you own a house you know if
you’re an apartment you might not have one but if you own a house chances are
even though you know I don’t we don’t more own laws we have one we have but
these tools right I think in my garage sitting in the garage garage you know
making us it’s not making me money but it could make me but it could make you
money so so lot more so basically you know as long as you have a loan lot more
you can actually make money with it if you don’t have one go to what stores can
people go to so Lowe’s yeah you go to Lowe’s Home Depot Walmart or if you
really want to go on Craigslist or Ebay if you wait affirm much much cheaper
much cheaper if people get a brand new one how much will that lawn more cost
people well I mean it runs from anywhere from low to high but you can start off
with something that’s around 30 to 50 bucks 50 bucks yeah or it most likely
guys you already have this yeah so here’s idea so if you want to make money
don’t think of a lot of people here’s I want to get this mentality right foot –
you guys get a lot of you guys think that hey lawn mowers are poor they’re
not you know you see these people driving like the rock duck truck or you
know wearing like you know bad clothes and usually know that that’s probably
you know poor while you’re working at a McDonald or something I’m not
dunno people but I’m just letting you know well a few guys think that way
because you think that that lawnmower is a poor guy truck
the funny thing is the lawnmower guys going to sleep at night knowing he has
so much cash in the bank and in his house while you’re thinking of stuff in
that spot I get up at 5:00 I’ll just keep in the store so yeah my friend
Ricardo you know he actually you know asked him once you know this casually
right so he’s like he does every neighborhood in my every house in my
neighborhood last like you know bro how much do you are you cashing in and
you know he was like ah here here and there and then one day I see him at the
mall you know he’s driving this Raptor like this guy’s making money
ya know what how much Raptor cos it’s not cheap you might think Ford Raptor is
like oh it’s just for Ford Raptor the base starts with like 78 Kings he had a
fully loaded Raptor that’s go just like 80 90 so yeah this guy is not poor even
though when he was doing lawn mowing with his other guy he started it alone
even though he was wearing those drugged up close they were rubbed up close
because why would I would I go to work on yeah I wouldn’t wear my nice and
favorite shirt mm and it may heat for evidence right now that’s the reason so
so you know get your small more started and here’s what I want you to do for us
okay just you know knock down the door say hey you know mr. James you know you
know me I live right there I need some cash for my college this is how you
start off okay from your neighborhood if you get your entire neighborhood you
know you can do it once once one day an entire route so Saturday you can do the
entire line a few here can you not and it’s easier if it’s like you don’t you
have the whole line then you just go from one to the other to the other to
the other and you finish even quicker quicker
yeah so yeah start off with your neighborhood right so that’s step number
one and then go to different cities I mean that’s a different neighborhood and
there’s different neighborhoods the go there and if you want to go make it even
bigger if you have clients in different streets that means you’re making money
need to spend more money to get a truck if you don’t have one already then I
want you to go around different cities different neighborhoods
and then you know scale it up you know what I mean but the here’s thing you
have to start it somewhere and that’s gonna be your neighborhood your street
so your street go nap knock down the door and say if you can law on the moon
most likely they will say yes to you because they would rather give that
money to you than some random guy truck exactly you live in the neighborhood
they can trust you trust they probably have seen you you probably talked to
them yeah again more trust you know and then the last thing is because it’s in
your neighborhood it’s easy for you you don’t need a truck you just drag that
lawnmower to your you know next-door neighbor’s lawn and you just do it just
do it yeah just do it like I said just do it guys so that’s how you can you
know make money with your lawn mower and keep in mind like I said a lot more
people make a lot of money FYI so this is a way to get started so finally you
just want to go ahead and let you guys know
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so that the final thought I want to go ahead and close it out and we’ll see you
on the next one – ciao

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