Microproyectos 2010 Fundación Saldarriaga Concha “Patios productivos Santa Ana”

THE LIFE QUALITY OF THE OLDER ADULTS” My name is Miriam Julio Villero I am 66 years old. This is my house (Voices of children and adults) This is a productive yard and I am very grateful
with what I got. Well I got into the
older adult process and there, I was given the
productive yard I have peppers,
I have beans, I have paprika,
I have oregano, I have lettuce, I have … eggplant, corn, peppermint, so I have taken lot advantage from this things. I pick up the food for eat it to me, my grandchildren and my children (People talking) (Chirimia music playing) My name is Juan de Dios Perez I am an instructor of SENA I am in charge of the
productive yards. Well, I have feel rewarded, is a pleasure working with them they really enjoy be working with
vegetables, moving the soil. -grab you one of these eggplants- We have developed it a lot as much that one of the main hotels here is willing to buy the production then we’re at it,
especially ordered the Italian basil. (Noise of people working in the garden) -It lacks water- -Yes sir-. (Noise of people working in the garden) (Joseph) Where I live
no-one has to buy chili because I’ll take it from here and there is so many people that hasn’t got any, I give to my friends who have not. I’ve always been a farmer I’ve collected radish, eggplant, ate tomato. We have fun here, planting, playing dominoes here. (Chirimia music playing)

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