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Are you interested in micro clover for
your lawn? well we did just that so watch this video to see how it went hey welcome back my name is Robyn and I
am the West Coast gardener now if this is your first time here make sure you
hit subscribe and hit that Bell for notifications because we are going to
have some big changes in our yard and in our garden including the micro clover make
sure you check out my new website which is WestCoastGardener.com and I have
an article about micro clover on there in this video I’m going to give you an
honest review of how we felt that micro clover went for us from start to finish
and if we would recommend it for you in the future now comment below if you have
tried micro clover any other groundcovers suggestions you have
reviews you have and also any questions micro clover is a great alternative to a
traditional grass lawn you can use it totally in place of your grass and just
have a monoculture of micro clover or you can have grass mixed with micro
clover now I did a micro clover video earlier this year on the benefits sowing
and growing tips you’re going to want to check that out because there’s lots of
great information on how to start your micro clover
lots of the benefits whether it’s right for you so click on the card above or in
the link below to see that video so my initial impressions of the micro clover
well we sowed it at the beginning of April we got the seeds from West Coast
seeds and once we sowed it it took about a week to germinate which isn’t unusual
especially at that time of year now I would recommend buying double the seeds
that West Coast Seeds website suggests as you can see our lawn is a little
sparse and if you had double the seeds it would fill in more quickly and I’ll
get to the lines in just a minute Now you need to keep the seeds really damp
and which was handy because at the beginning of April we typically get a
ton of water on the west coast and so that managed to keep it damp without
moving too many other seeds around a few of them did which we did have to overseed
so once they did germinate it actually started to get warmer and we had to
start using our sprinkler now we did not want to install a sprinkler system which
was partly why we got the micro clover we believe in water conservation we’re
also on a well so we didn’t want to be wasting a lot of water
so I bought a cheap oscillating sprinkler and we brought it out here and
we’re watering the clover just to keep it going when it was in its really young
stages we also over seeded some of the areas where some of the seeds had
drifted away due to some water pooling and that was a bit of a challenge to
keep them damp enough during that time to germinate and none of them really did
so around the edges of our yard there are some gaps of where the clover isn’t
but I will over seed that in the autumn so we were watering with the sprinkler
and we actually ran out of water once or twice we do have a cistern so it wasn’t
a huge deal but we just thought we’re wasting a lot of water let’s just see
how this micro clover does without water in the summer and if we have to we’ll
throw some water at it so it looks pretty dry but we haven’t
watered it at all this summer it’s actually pretty drought tolerant now
there are some visible lines of dryness in our yard and that’s because we have
some drainage pipes in there because previous winters our lawn had become
very boggy and wet so we do have to have that there so above those drainage lines
really no water can sit for long (stay absorbed into the ground) but in between
those lines it’s doing great and I suspect next summer it probably
would not die back much if at all now that we had a week where it rained a ton
and it really bounced back I wish I had taken some photos now an interesting
thing about micro clover is it is recommended that you mow it frequently
to keep it low to the ground which helps it keep its micro size so you’ll have
these tiny little leaves versus the larger leaves if you keep it mowed but
we didn’t have to mow it because clover is not deer resistant now if you have
deer in your area don’t necessarily be scared away pay close attention to this
part now the deer would come to our yard a lot to eat this clover they actually
basically kept it mowed for us but the interesting thing is that they stayed
away for from my other plants almost exclusively they only once touched my
petunias the deer on Vancouver Island eat almost everything they’ve even
been known to eat plastic flowers so I’m really happy because the deer stay away
from my other plants and they actually keep the lawn short and now the clover
recovers really well because it has structures called stolens or like
runners now the runners allow the plant to recover really quickly and this also
helps during times of drought so it will send up new shoots if other shoots are
eaten which is really handy there are very few flowers if you get the actual
micro clover variety which we did we have a few in our yard which isn’t a big
deal if you’re concerned about pollinators I have a ton of pollinator
plants in my yard and in my side garden so it’s not really an issue so overall
we really like the micro clover and I would really recommend it and I’ve
linked West Coast Seeds below I’m not affiliated at all I’m just a really big
fan and if you have any questions please comment below hit subscribe so you can
see some of the great changes we’ve got coming up and I’ll see you next time go
garden for happiness and health

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13 thoughts on “Micro Clover Lawn Update & Tips | West Coast Gardener

  1. Well, I'm a new subscriber. I saw your "West coast", but the West coast is a LONG one. I'm also WC BUT I'm 120 miles inland of SoCal. I hope to find tips I can use to increse my yield in my desert home. Our biggest problems are heat and poor soil. I have raised beds so I can get close enough to reach from a chair. I did not plant this summer due to many days of 110°+. I am planning on garden starts in mid to late Sept. I hope to find some wisdom from your channel.

  2. I just planted my lawn with microclover but I suspect it to be rather thin seeded. My plan is to overseed it again after the winter. But I wonder if you can scalp the clover like you would do with normal grass to than overseed it?

  3. interesting video. I wonder, how the microclover does in the winter? I assume it doesnt stay green all year long? Would be great if you shot some short update/video to see, how your microclover progresses during the winter months. Thanks

  4. I replaced my lawn with MINIclover, and I am very pleased as it grows into its 2nd year. I do have irrigation, but only run it a couple times a month. I only had to mow 2x spring/summer. It is doing well in the shade and sun.

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