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5 thoughts on “Miami Gardens Elementary School Employee Facing Molestation Charges

  1. Bullshit…that man didn't do what they are accusing him of… That's not what we do. That's what another race does and been doing it for over thousands of years. Do your research.

  2. 🛰️📡 Shouldn't let people like him out😠
    😠❌If he was in different country public would have beat him to death 😠❌👎

  3. This reporting was done too soon. This is an outrage against the black COMMUNTY.
    No wonder blacks are stomped into the ground. Now he may well sling drugs or rob to stay afloat.

    Nice ruining lives assholes. "No Proof" I hope he is innocent so he can sue the sht out of CBS along with dropping the Epstein drama so more victims could be abused. We see through the smoke and mirrors.

  4. Looks like the guy that pees his pants drunk and passes out in the bushes at the elementary school, not actually WORKS THERE.

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