MERE MINI | Pallet wood autumn yard decoration

I’ve got a whole bunch of pallet wood and I’m going to see how quickly I can make an autumn lawn display. And I hope you enjoyed this Mere Mini. This is a super easy project you should be able to put together in about
an hour using whatever materials you might happen to have on hand. I don’t have a front porch, but I thought this might look nice on our entryway as people come up the steps they’ll be able to see it. As a quick programming note, I’m not here right now. I’m traveling, which means I won’t have a video out this
Friday. But I did want you to have this project so it will get you started on something this
weekend. You’re welcome! I’ll talk to you guys later.

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96 thoughts on “MERE MINI | Pallet wood autumn yard decoration

  1. When you're shopping at Harry's, make sure you look into their "plan". Every two or three months, they will send you blades and shaving cream and charge your credit card. It's simple and you won't run out of blades. You tell them how often you shave and their replacement service sends the right amoung of supplies. The neat (do people still say neat?) part about it is you never run out of blades or cream. Couldn't be easier!

  2. You could've made it even faster had you cut stacked several pickets together and cut them at once. 😉

    Out of curiosity, do you use stainless and galvanised fixings when building an outdoor project?

  3. That is a simple enough project to knock out fairly quickly and looks really good. Great job Steve and thanks for sharing with us

  4. Steve, I've watched you for years, and always wondered "Why is this guy so successful on YouTube?" Now I Know…  You're just plain damn CREATIVE !

  5. Cool, I like little fence projects for different holidays. Been planning on making some pumpkins from pallet wood, with any luck I will have them done by Thanksgiving LOL. 

  6. This is awesome because I TOTALLY HAD THE SAME IDEA! Of course I only made the pumpkins, so I gotta say I really like the fence idea. Great job!

  7. I'd love to get that impact driver, but where I live, a dewalt is more than 1,300 bucks! in my currency, that is. To give you an idea of how much that's worth.. a can of coke here is about 1.50.

    Is that impact driver really worth it?

  8. Hey mike what did you make? Am I the only one tired of these types of comments on YouTube the "I'm so smart" D-bag stuff. And don't worry I already know mike will probably correct my gramar.

  9. Hey Steve,
    The "Red" wood you used for the Pumpkin…… Do you know what species it is? 
    I took a pallet apart and it has the same color slats on it but I have no idea what it is. 
    (scratching my head)

  10. Ooh, I could use this to hide behind while sitting on my purple bench shooting marshmallows at those who stop to look at my TARDIS

  11. Woodworking community: I'm looking for advice!
    My friend needs a table but because of limited space she kind of needs it custom made. I offered to help her out, but how can I make a table as easy/cheap as possible? It's going to be my first project… Thanks!

  12. While I don't currently have the resources, time, or space to get into woodworking at the moment, I'm definitely interested in it as a hobby for the future. I wanted to thank you for getting me interested in it, and let you know that you have another subscriber.

  13. Cool little video! It's kind of nice to have a project to get rid of all this crap that inevitably builds up in a shop. Also on another note great shout out to Harry's. I am active duty Air Force, and as someone who is constantly in the public eye with the job that I do in the Air Force I have to get haircuts all the time, so in order to save money I just shave my head. So I shave my head and my face typically 5-6 to six or even seven times a week. The blades from Harry's handle it like a champ!

  14. Hey Steve I was wondering if you could make like a picture/frame the 4ace cards, like in a bentline for an easy wall decoration. MeMo Out. 🙂

  15. Steve, I look forward to your videos every week, but the projects seem to be getting silly. Its probably hard to be persistently inventive and funny, but if you can't be – try being serious. Give us a tool review, a tour of your neighbourhood, or a trip to some amazing examples of woodwork. It's you we're here for, not garden ornaments. 

  16. I am preparing to make this rustic fall display. I have already disassembled a few pallets and am ready to start cutting. What height is the fence/ display base? Also, what size are your pumpkins? Thank you, Lucien

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