PEEK A BOO! Who has woken up? Where are we, Glenn??? This is the place of the flowers Lots of flowers Flowery flowers (Browsing through a fantasy forest in Singapore) Hi, everybody Welcome back to my YouTube channel How are you today? Hope everything is well Today, Mommy Glenn, Daddy Glenn & Glenn go to Gardens by the Bay But Glenn is still sleeping now Therefore, we’re going to stroll around until Glenn wakes up And then, we’re going inside the Dome So, in Gardens by the Bay there’s an event called TULIPMANIA It’s European fair At the fair, they held a Tulip exhibition and I’m curious to see it Afterwards, we’re going to CLOUD FOREST In the evening, we’ll continue to SUPERTREE GROVE Just wait & see, OKAY! Don’t skip the video Thank you so much for our loyal audience and WELCOME for the newcomers Enjoy the video, hope you like it. The weather is so nice today It was raining hard this morning so it’s still a little bit wet but it’s not raining anymore It’s partly-cloudy It’s a perfect day for a walk Nice breezy day This is the map Now we’re… here First, we plan to go to Flower Dome (B) and Cloud Forest (C) In the evening, we’re going to go to SuperTree Grove (A) So…… hope you like my video Here’s a little story for you guys The first time I went here is before I have Glenn Glenn’s dad ask me out here I felt so happy because this place has a lot of plants & greens Felt so excited to see everything I stroll around everything. It’s large. I came to every corner Still excited to explore But after coming here for so many times we only came to see the spot we wanted to go maybe just visited a certain event There’s always a carnival held regularly but not as big as the carnival at Marina They have a fun & festive carnival like the one they had last Christmas It’s so full so crowded Buy the ticket to go in the SuperTree to see the carnival & bazaar This is the place of the souvenirs These are real flowers It’s lovely made into ornaments This is so beautiful Impressive OK, let’s go on Let’s see the clothing for Glenn They’re cute! The frog is adorable Let’s buy one for Glenn TA-DA…A frog shirt for Glenn When he wakes up, he will get this small thing Yeah, it’s for you, Glenn Glenn Still asleep. OK, let’s move on Alright, now we’re going to the Flower Dome. Let’s queue have bought the ticket online so we just need to queue We’re on the line to get into the Flower Dome The queue is quite long because it’s holiday Usually it’s not like this we can directly go inside It must be jam-packed inside We’re in the Flower Dome It’s big HUGE! The flowers haven’t bloom Still buds usually it’s fully bloom It depends on the season TULIPS TULIPMANIA 2019 (Admire 35 varieties of tulips in a Dutch village themed) Tulipmania is held annually It’s held in April to May so you still can see it ’till next month If you enter the Flower Dome you can enjoy your whole day here. It’s not limited. It’s crowded Open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. There’s a dragon up there This place is wonderful, right?! It’s cool Unfortunately, Glenn is still asleep Later, we’ll come back here again Look at those flowers Glenn is sleeping. These are the local tour guides They are school children probably this is one of their school projects Daddy’s Glenn is asking questions He wants to know more about Tulip so let him be Let’s go here to see more flowers FLOWERS It’s beautiful This is gorgeous, guys! so beautiful HEAVENLY This is the biggest Tulip (Darwin Hybrid Tulips) We were up there Now we”re down here Everything looks wonderful Lovely flowers. I love everything about it What’s the name? Leo? This called TULIP LEO because it looks like a lion What part of it looks like a lion? They said the flower look like a lion I don’t get it. What’s similar to lion? The colour? Red? Or….. Well….it’s beautiful Those are Netherlands shoes It’s big and it has funny shape These are TULIP SINGAPORE (In Singapore’s bicentennial celebration, this Tulip is named Singapore & has the national colours-red & white) PEEK A BOO! Who has woken up? Where are we, Glenn? This is the place of the flowers Flowery Flowers Glenn wants to …. play? Glenn is picking his nose YES! Glenn has woken up There’s a bridge No fish First time we enter, it feels mild & pleasant but after a while it feels cold now After May, they’re going to have Rose Floral Display Before this, it’s Sakura It’s OK, Glenn This is alright

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  1. Itu ticket masuk ke bunga tulip, belinya bisa langsung di tempat gak kak ?. Dan tgl 19 may masih ada apa tidak ?

  2. Yay… dapet referensi lagi buat jalan2 ke SG, kbtulan September mau honeymoon, wajib masuk list nih

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