Mayesh Design Star: Event Entrance Flowers

(upbeat music) – Hey you guys, it’s me, Shean Strong and I’m so excited to be here at Fox Hall, where today I’m gonna be working
on a planter for you guys. We’ll be using some incredible product, again, courtesy of Mayesh. I cannot wait to show you
guys what I’m gonna be doing. I got a word of affirmation and now I’m like, okay, I can do this. (laughing) (upbeat music) Fancy, I’m trying to
create some angularity here (laughing) ♪ Shake it up ♪ – Alright you guys so first things first. We need to make sure that
we have our materials. We’re going to be using chicken wire, we’re going to be using floral tape and also our snips to make sure that this
is gonna happen properly. Now thank you so very much Accent Decor for this incredible planter. What we’re gonna be doing is
lining this with chicken wire, taping it off and then
adding this beautiful product in there. Alright, so it’s very important
when you’re doing something this large to make sure that you guys have a firm foundation. Otherwise, things start
shifting all over the place and that’s the last thing
we want for our clients. What we’re gonna be using
today is chicken wire and I love chicken wire
because it allows a little bit of mobility but it’s
still very, very secure. What we’re gonna do is go
ahead and chop off a piece that’s probably gonna
be a little bit longer than the vessel that we have and then we’re gonna tuck it under and I’ll show you guys how to do that. (upbeat music) I wanna make sure every time
we use our chicken wire, we wanna make sure it’s
super secure in the vessel so what we’re gonna do is just go ahead and tie off these four corners over here and we’re just using opposite ends of the chicken wire so it
creates this cannoli-like shape. From there, we’re gonna
tuck in these other corners to the center and we’re gonna
create this pillow shape. That way it’s gonna be very
secure for our flowers. I like doing it this way
because I like to make sure that when our flowers are
going in the chicken wire, they’re going in through multiple holes. If they just go through that
one, they’re gonna fall over but if they go through two of them, it’s gonna create a little
bit more security for us. Now that we have our
chicken wire secure inside of our vessel, I wanna make
sure that we tape it off. Again, extra security, making sure that we have a good foundation
because we don’t want things to shift and move around. We wanna make sure that we’re
having an asymmetrical design. That’s kind of typical how
I like to make things work. It’s just a little softer on the eye to watch a beautiful
line follow as opposed to something that’s kind
of all over the place. So what I wanna do is create
a high point over here and I wanna have everything cascade down over this direction. We’re gonna have some higher
pieces over this direction and then we’ll have our
lower, smaller pieces. What we’re gonna do is also add in some beautiful textures like
these rocks and this stick. We really wanna make this
as natural as possible so I think it’s really
important to add elements that you would find in nature. Not just flowers, not just leaves. Make sure you’re adding
in different textures in there to create some
interest for your piece. Because the centerpiece is
only gonna be one directional, meaning it’s only gonna
be seen one direction, we wanna make sure that we’re designing, kind of looking at the piece, kinda like how I have right here. I’m designing this way
but eventually I’ll turn it around so you guys are
able to see what we’re doing. Right now, we’re gonna go ahead and start adding in these rocks. I wanna make sure that I have
these really solid pieces already placed where they need to be. That way I’m able to design around them. The last thing I wanna
do is try to force a rock to ruin my flower situation. I don’t want that to happen. I’m gonna go ahead and
place these in first and then I’m gonna start
designing around those as well. Alright, so you guys can already see how we have this higher
point happening over here, lots of texture over here
and we’re gonna start adding in some more of these beautiful flowers to make sure that we’re creating this really cool piece for you guys. I like placing flowers
in groups like this. Whenever you’re putting flowers together in their own little family, it looks a little bit more natural than if they were like polka dotted
throughout the arrangement. You can see we already have some really cool
texture taking place. We have a lot of height happening. We have some cool texture and then we have some really
cool geometric places down over here so I think it’s important to make sure that you’re
kinda conceptualizing what you’re doing before
you start going into this. Again, I started out knowing
I wanted a higher point over here and I wanna
make sure I cascade down to a lower point. I really love these flowers,
these are really cool. These are called
heliconia or lobster claws and they just kinda create
this really cool shape. They’re just gonna kinda
cascade on the side. Again, to create a little bit more height and make sure that we have
lots of moments of interest. I wanna go ahead and add
a couple of these in. I don’t want there to just to be one of these flowers in here. I wanna make sure that there’s gonna be a little bit more
intentionality behind it. We’re gonna add a couple of these in to make sure that they look purposeful and they’re supposed to be there. Alright, so in order to
create some angularity within the arrangement, we wanna create a little bit
more depth so we’re looking to have things come out
at you, kinda go up, kinda go to the left,
kinda go to the right, so we wanna create a little more depth and the way we do that is
kinda having things go forward. Not everything needs to be this direction. Things grow like this, and
like this and like this so they’re not necessarily always just gonna be up like this. (upbeat music) So you can see that our higher
point is really full already so what we’re gonna start doing
is making sure we’re adding in some color with those
pincushion protea down there. Start adding these in over this direction to kinda create a little
bit more of a beautiful line for your eye to follow. So we wanna create a
little moment down here of negative space. We wanna make sure that
things look natural. In order to do that, things aren’t going to be all the same height
so what we’re gonna do is have some negative space over here and then kinda cascade
down this direction. We already have these structures
down here with our rocks so what we’re gonna do is
add in our pincushion protea down there and it’s going to
add a little bit more color and life down here. I think it’s really important
for you to kinda work within the season that
you’re working within. Luckily, tropicals are pretty
much available all year long so it’s nice to kinda add in
these really cool textures. These pincushion protea are one of my favorites because they
have lots of color variation in them and they’re wonderful
to kinda add little moments of interest in there. (upbeat music) You can already see the
shape is taking place with the arrangement. Now, what I wanna start doing is add in small textural flowers. It’s really nice to add
these in groups as well, making sure they’re in their family. It also adds a different element in there. It makes your client and your guests have to peer through the arrangement to see what’s going on in there. I like adding lots of moments of interest, lots of texture in there, to make sure everything is very purposeful and intentional for your guests. Alright you guys, so this
is our final product. Now I think this is
gonna be an amazing piece to have at like a rehearsal dinner, something on either side of
the doors, kinda framing it. Creating a beautiful
entrance for your guests. Now, I’m so grateful to be
able to work with Accent Decor with this beautiful vessel and of course, Mayesh, the
insane product that we got to work with today. If you guys have any
questions, comments, concerns, feel free to direct
message me on Instagram. I would love to be able to see
how you guys interpret this. Thank y’all for watching and
I’ll see y’all next time. (upbeat music)

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7 thoughts on “Mayesh Design Star: Event Entrance Flowers

  1. I love it Sean so creative!
    Could we use foam and chicken wire ? So the water doesn’t splash out? Or do those flowers need and drink lots of water ? How much would you charge for that one approximately?

  2. So excited seeing your tutorial! I create my arrangements in a similar container and I call my creations Kypos meaning garden in Greek. 💙

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