March 23 | COVID-19 Update #8

hello to the McGill community this is
Chris Buddle associate provost at McGill it’s a new week here and again a new
reality is released sinking in for everybody we’re constantly adjusting of
new news and new information that keeps coming a lot has happened since last
Friday you will have received messages about calling off our spring convocation
but also news about a member of our community confirmed to have COVID 19
diagnosis we also received yesterday official word from the Quebec government
but the fact that educational institutions will indeed be canceled for
in-person instruction through until May we’re all ready of course moving to
making sure that all of our courses are available remotely but again all these
new pieces of information add additional stresses and raise a lot of additional
questions I don’t have all the answers but I hope these daily updates are
giving you some information students we have done our best to try to clarify
some information to you about this SU option for some of your courses you can
check out the FAQ page on website for some of this
information and you’ll hear more details from your faculties in the coming days
because the application of this su option for you will vary a little bit
depending on your program students should also be hearing from their
instructors this week if you haven’t already but the ways that your courses
and assessments are being adjusted for the rest of the term staff you might
also have some questions about the way your work will have to be adjusted again
whatever look like given the extension to many of McGill’s normal operations
through until May the Emergency Operations Center the EOC is working on
this this very week and you’ll certainly have news in the coming days about your
own work speaking of working and learning in different ways many of you
are now adjusting to finding ways to work at home or wherever it is you’re
spending most of your time you’re now getting a glimpse of my new office here
at my home looks out over part of my yard where I can see squirrels and birds
with some frequency I don’t know about you but adjusting to a new way of
working is challenging for everyone and I’ve been commuting to work for so many
years that it’s it’s a new way of coming to my office it’s tough for everybody
and I would only say that try to develop your own schedule even if it’s a
different schedule than where you’re used to try to be patient especially if
you’re living in close quarters with a lot of your family members do try to
find a little bit of space so you can be well and and always remember to be kind
and patient with everybody also made me think about I’ve been doing this as well
and getting up and putting on work clothes instead of just jogging pants
which is a good thing to do and really trying to make sure that you’re up away
from your desk sometimes as well I don’t know about you but the kettle in our
house seems to be going nonstop and we’re drinking vast amounts of tea I
realize none of this is easy and again we’re all doing our best let’s be pliant
kind let’s be patient and it’s stressful for everyone and let’s also just get
used to our new way of living and of learning stay well everyone and we’ll
talk to you again soon

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