I love my plant his name’s Charles I
love my plant this plants boring isn’t it supposed to
grow or something hey Jillian how do you make a plant grow have you given it
water yeah I’ve been watering it how about
sunshine plants need sunshine yep it gets plenty of sunshine every day well
it just might need some fertilizer fertilizer
now that sounds smelly and nasty I’m not doing that oh don’t worry about it they
have these odorless fertilizer sticks now you just push them into the soil
easy peasy I don’t have any of those I wonder if it
would take something else yeah that’s probably not a good idea I just go out
to the garden store yep we’re gonna try something else hmm what’s in here uh-huh don’t tell me you found fertilizer in
that drawer something almost as good candy corn
candy corn I don’t think you can use that as fertilizer
look fertilizer is just energy for plants and candy corn is just pure sugar
so it’s pure energy what could go wrong well Charles might not like it what do
you mean everyone likes candy corn don’t you Charles here you go so any results
yet don’t be silly Jillian we need to get
some water so the fertilizer can work its way down into the soil what do you
mean we it’s your plant I know but I’m gonna need two cups of water so you need
to help me you have two hands you know yes I do come on why are you stopping where’s your cup
weren’t you supposed to bring some water – yeah I just wanted you to come along
for some company Julian look is that your plant
Charles has evolved really obviously the candy corn worked and Charles has three
heads now they’re so cute I’ll name them Charles Charles the
second and Charles the third I think those titles are meant to be reserved
for descendants of Charles oh look at them Jillian they’re so cute they have
little teeth why did his flower pot turn into a pumpkin and a carved one at that
who cares Jillian look it matches perfectly I don’t know about this Addie hey did you see that Jillian Charles can
move and talk I see it I just don’t believe it hey he’s hungry Gillian
better give him more candy corn I mean fertilizer if one candy corn changed him
into an entirely different plant I don’t want to know what this is gonna do look
Jillian he’s still hungry he wants more and I think one handful is plenty don’t
you what hmm well Addie he’s gonna need some water to
wash that all down yeah it doesn’t seem to be doing anything so far pour it all
in there if you say so I think we need more water or maybe we
could just leave this alone more water it is come on how nice of you
to carry some water this time yeah since we use twice as much fertilizer I
figured we use about twice as much water howdy do you have any concept of math
you used about like 50 times more fertilizer actually more like a hundred
times well I guess we need to get more water well let’s just put this in for
starters and see what happens Jillian look safe to say the fertilizer
worked no sense I’m watering it now come on let’s take a look hey Charles how you feel in he’s still
hungry Addie Charles it looks like you ate that whole bag of candy corn
including the bag it was in I don’t have anything else to give you he still
wants fed Addie you know what Charles this is a great time of year to go on a
diet I had a feeling he’d say that yeah it’s literally written on his
container how’d he do that anyway yeah not to mention the Little Shop of
Horrors I saw that but I wasn’t gonna mention it so what should we do well we
know what Charles thinks we should do addy don’t you see he’s just gonna get
bigger each time we feed him look at him Jillian he looked so sad just a little
more food wouldn’t hurt I’m a little afraid not to feed him at this point to
the kitchen a girl’s eye where did you come from whoa looks like you could use some
pruning hey What did you bring Addie Halloween crunch
everyone likes Halloween crunch well I guess if he liked candy corn
he’ll really like Halloween crunch what are you bringing I’m Jillian peanuts
lots of protein and a little bit of salt Jillian what if he has a peanut allergy
well that’ll solve the problem of the big plant I forbid you to give him those
peanuts and I’ll bring them along just as an insurance policy Jillian look yep
giant plant still there no not that the shoes huh daddy leaving his shoes or we
can trip over them oh wait he says that he doesn’t do that yeah those are my
shoes he’s always tripping over well Addie don’t you know what this means the plants trying to steal daddy’s shoes no I think the plant didn’t like the taste
of Daddy’s shoes well it’s a good thing daddy would have been awfully mad if
that plant had eaten his shoes Addie the plant ate daddy without his shoes
you monster well I think you know what we need to do
yeah I know no Halloween crunch for you just give him the peanuts Addie I’m not
going near that thing fine be careful try not to get eaten
that’s the nicest thing she’s ever said to me it’s the little things that count
here Charles have some nice peanuts he’s eating them it is pretty much what he
does I think he’s allergic addy he doesn’t
look so good Oh Charles should we call an ambulance
for you no Addie this is our only chance of
getting daddy back oh yeah I forgot about that guy and down he goes
Oh Charles we barely got to know you will do fine without him Jillian look anyone see my shoes daddy’s back we’d
run over and hug you right now but you’re covered in plants apps of unknown
origin and toxicity levels understandable oh here’s my shoes well
Jillian I think I’ve learned my lesson you’re not gonna feed plants candy corn
no next time one of my plants gets an attitude I’m gonna throw one of Daddy’s
shoes at it next time Oh No so that was the man-eating plant if you liked this
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