Making Connections at the UGA Horticulture Program

[Music playing] Sarah: You definitely make big connections though, here at the University Georgia. I remember we did Capital Day, an event where we went to the Capitol. We went to talk to Georgia House reps – representatives.
Mary: Oooh, that was fun. Whew….
[both laughing] But like…..
[laughing] Sarah: You just meet these people who are really big in the industry and horticulture. You get to talk to them as like a normal person
almost. I mean like, I want to do horticulture what are your ideas, what is
your interest, and then you kind of be able to make that connection. So
Horticulture Club, Horticulture Department. They have lots of different
connections around the world and they can definitely help.
Mary: Internships, the scholarships…
If you’re an out-of-state student coming to UGA, chances are you know what
you want to do. Did you… You knew, right? When you came in?
Sarah: Yeah I did yeah. Mary: Same. I knew it was something plant
related. I wasn’t sure if it was horticulture but I came in, I knew.
Most of us who come in are going to know. If you know this is what do you wanna do –
I mean I’m gonna be gone but come join us! [both laugh] Sarah: I remember coming into the University of Georgia and I was like – I’m out of state. I don’t know these people but…
Mary: Oh yeah yeah
Sarah: It was like kinda nerve-wracking but at the same time it was
awesome because these people, it was such a unique department that they were able to…
Mary: You make friends really easy.
Sarah: Yes. Mary: That was the other big concern I
had, because you know, if you’re coming out of state you don’t have that friend
group when you come in and if it’s thirty thousand kids – that’s kind of scary to try and come in and have a friend group and find
a community and get involved. But I mean, you come in, you got one right there.
Because again, we’re so small, you stick together or else you’re very
bored. [laughing] So a lot of my great friends have come
from the Hort Club and from the Hort Department and what’s really cool
is that you know they’re going out into the industry and they’re going to
become really great fantastic folks so I’m already gonna have those connections – Boop Boop! [laughing]

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