Make Squirrel Repellent For Gardens

Make Squirrel Repellent For Gardens hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have
pumpkins in your garden and problematic squirrels well I was just getting in
Michigan and I found a remedy to keep squirrels out of your garden DIY squirrel repellent you take one cup of water one-quarter cup of hot sauce I like Sriracha one quarter cup of dish soap and 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper you
mix it together make sure there’s no clumps in your squirrel repellent mixture put it in a
spray bottle and spray it around your pumpkins and around your garden to keep squirrels out of the garden and those pesky squirrels will stay away with this recipe for squirrel repellent
be careful mixing it because I’m still coughing from when I mixed my batch of DIY squirrel repellent from the cayenne pepper don’t breathe in the cayenne
pepper and make sure when when you are touching any of the hot chili sauces and peppers it you don’t touch your
eyes and get them and and then you’ll know why I for sure the squirrels are staying away try this recipe for squirrel repellent in your garden and see
if it doesn’t help keep the fruits and vegetables of your
labor for you rather than for squirrels and little friends that invade your
yard learn more at please subscribe to alaska granny

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7 thoughts on “Make Squirrel Repellent For Gardens

  1. Oh gosh! I am mixing this up right now! I have tried so many things to keep them pesky squirrels out of my beautiful flowers. They dig up my babies to hid their nuts for the winter.I have put thousands of toothpicks in the plants, they pull them up. Used large wooden squires, nope. Placed a zillion's of glass rocks, nope.I placed a large pot full of potting soil out for them to use, nope! Β I even used the mesh weed barrier used for under the soil, they moved it out of their I have bought everything sold at the nurseries, nothing stops them. I hope this trick works! Thank you so much for this tip πŸ™‚

  2. im ready to give this s try squirrels are digging under my chicken wire cages they ate my spinach my carrots my peppers and now they after my tomatoes and watermelons

  3. Hi. should I spray this on my persimmon tree which has not yet ripe fruits ? And where exactly to spary ? also, on my fig and loquat trees ?

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