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17 thoughts on “Make Gardener’s Hand Scrub — An Aromahead App Recipe

  1. I just purchased the app as well.  so excited.    I do have a question, I heard you aren't supposed to use plastic with citrus oils, is it ok b/c the jar is PET plastic??

  2. As always, love your videos and all the information in them.  I have a question about the coconut oil.  Is there any difference between coconut oil I see in the cooking section and ones labeled coconut carrier oil from the fancy store?  I also see two kinds in the cooking section, liquid and semi solid.

  3. Andrea, thank you once again for all these great recipies.  Are the recipies on the App all in your book, or are they two different groups….. and a really silly question, because you wouldn't be using it other wise, but the Lemon….. the amount we use is with in the safe zone for the sun right?  (told ya it was silly…i just forget the safe amount)

  4. ???? So if you are making a larger amount say you want to make like 50 4 oz jars, do you just multiply the measurements to make the batch or do you do one at a time.

  5. What a wonderful App! It's worth hundreds and it's only $2.99! I use her recipes all the time and now I have them at my fingertips whenever I need something!

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