Make Baby Headband with Anjurisa #6 – Tulle Fabric Flower

Hello, welcome to “Make baby headband with Anjurisa” In this video, I will show you how to make
this baby headband from the beginning to the end If you love anything about baby headband, consider subscribing I will start from the first fabric flower, you can use any fabric for this flower Prepare a transparent ruler and measure the fabric by 2”, I will cut the fabric using a rotary cutter We need this fabric with the size 2” x 20” Cut another strip of fabric And we’re going to need five pieces of square fabrics with the size 2” Prepare needle and thread Fold the fabric to form a triangle, and do running stitch After this, we will stitch the edge of fabric together When we stitch the edge together, the fabric will curl naturally Continue to the end of the fabric Gather the fabric Stitch to the beginning of the fabric to form a circle Take the square fabric, fold it like this and stitch Take the second piece, this is to hide the raw edges Stitch to the first piece to form a circle Attach them together Prepare stamen, attach the stamen to the center Finish the back side of the flower Next, I will make the tulle flower Prepare tulle fabric, and I will use rotary cutter to cut such perfect straight line like this We need this tulle fabric with the size 1” x 60” I will cut the edge of this tulle fabric This tulle flower is very easy to make, we just do running stitch, to the end of fabric Gather the fabric And stitch to the beginning of the fabric to form a circle Now, you can embellish this tulle flower with anything you like Our tulle flower is finished, now I will show you how to make the mini rosebud Prepare grosgrain ribbon, with 1″ Measure the ribbon by 9” and cut Seal the ribbon Fold the ribbon like this and stitch Wrap around the center, and stitch to secure If you want to watch the detail about how I make this ribbon rosebud, you can click the link here Our rosebud is finished Next, I will make the ranunculus I use 3 colors to make the ranunculus And this is the template that I use to make the ranunculus We’re going to cut the fabric into this six petals flower shape using a soldering iron, if you want to know which fabric can be used, you can click the link here I cut one piece for this color, two pieces for this, and three pieces for this, with a total of six pieces Next, I will burn the fabric, so it will curl beautifully Like this Next, lay all fabrics according to the color you want Stitch to secure Prepare lace fabric, and cut a circle Attach the lace fabric to the flower, and embellish the flower with some beads and rhinestones Prepare all the flowers we made, I will attach these two flowers together Prepare a piece of lace, and attach the mini rosebud here Attach the tulle flower here And attach the ranunculus Prepare lace applique, and attach it here Prepare another lace, I will stitch them together and embellish with beads Measure the felt fabric to finish the back side of our baby headband Prepare an elastic band Our baby headband is finished! Thanks for watching, if you enjoy this baby headband tutorial, please like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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17 thoughts on “Make Baby Headband with Anjurisa #6 – Tulle Fabric Flower

  1. I really appreciate how informative you are great teacher for this .you make it looks so simple thank you so much.

  2. hola anjurisa… todos sus trabajos muy lindos…. disculpe una pregunta el hilo que utiliza es grueso que hilo es…???? gracias de antemano…

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