Make Baby Headband with Anjurisa #3 – Peony Fabric Flower Tutorial

Hello, welcome to “Make Baby Headband with Anjurisa” In this video, I will show you how to make this baby headband from the beginning to the end If you love anything about baby headband, consider subscribing First, I will start from the tulle flower This is the template for the tulle flower The size is about 2.5” You can find this template on Google with the keyword: “8 petals flower template” Place the tulle fabric on a ceramic tile, and place the template I will cut the fabric using a soldering iron You can see the 8 petals flower shape is very nice Continue cutting the tulle fabric until we have nine pieces of this flower shape Prepare needle and thread Take the fabric and fold it in half Sew running stitch The stitches should be like this, it’s like a half circle I will sew the second piece And continue until we have six pieces This is for the bottom layer of the tulle flower Stitch to the first piece to form a circle I will use the remaining pieces for the top layer of this tulle flower Prepare stamen Attach this stamen to the center Use hot glue to secure both fabrics I will finish the back side of this tulle flower Our tulle flower is finished, and now I will make the peony fabric flower This is the template for my peony fabric flower You can see the size here The 4 petals shape is about 2” and the center is about 5” long, and ½” wide I use crepe fabric for this peony fabric flower, but you can use any other synthetic fabric because we’re going to cut the fabric using a soldering iron Be sure to cut a hole at the center Continue until we have ten pieces of this 4 petals shape Next, I will burn the fabric, so it will curl beautifully Now, I will show you how to make the center Fold it in half and secure with hot glue Prepare stamen This is the center of our peony fabric flower This flower is very easy to make we just glue all pieces and wrap around the center Cut the stamen From here, I like to do this from the back side Our peony fabric flower is finished and now attach the flowers together Next, I will make the frilly flower I use this template again and cut five pieces Attach the fabrics on top of each other And this is last piece Attach this under the big peony fabric flower Prepare a piece of lace and attach it here Prepare a piece of felt fabric to finish the back side of this baby headband and attach the elastic band Our baby headband is finished! Thanks for watching, if you enjoy this baby headband tutorial, please like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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12 thoughts on “Make Baby Headband with Anjurisa #3 – Peony Fabric Flower Tutorial

  1. Beautiful !!! How did you make the metal template? Can you please make a tutorial on how to make the metal template?

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