Make a career in Horticulture

– My father was into agriculture and started planting boysenberries, and I was always keen on growing stuff. I went off and did a bit
of tertiary education, and then came back and planted
apple trees at that point, and so since then we’ve been
apple and berry growers. – So my background, I came
in as a young 18 year old. Sports turf was my thing,
I was interested in sports, I liked the machinery side of that and all the work that goes with that. So I did my apprenticeship through Delta. – My Granny was a great gardener. And then the farm I grew up on, we had 40 hectares of blackcurrants. And then in the early
nineties it was my family who started Felton Road. – As a young person I chose
the floristry industry because of the creative side of things and also being able to
interact with people daily. – And my personal enjoyment is just seeing all our team excel with design and build everything that we do. – The most enjoyable part of
being here at Southern Woods is the people. They’re passionate, they love the job, they love the industry that we’re in, they love plants and you know, they come to work every day
with a smile on their face and you can’t really ask
for much more than that. – I enjoy the outdoors, and I think it’s a great
environment to be working in. – So you work, you know,
hard in the growing season when it’s warm and
there’s energy everywhere. And then you harvest, and then you relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. – This industry is pretty special, it’s got great people,
cares about the environment, it’s in a phase of expansion. It’s just a great place to work and to thrive in a nursery which is doing good for the planet, yeah. – My favorite part about
the floristry industry is the creativity and being able to use such a variety of New
Zealand grown flowers. – As young person it’s great to develop a all round set of skills and landscaping. There’s so many challenges each day, we like to consider landscaping as a art and its got huge challenges
for everybody that comes in, working outside, something different happening
every day in our industry. – I get such a great kick out of seeing the young people come through, learning, training, developing their careers, and becoming such an asset
to companies like our own. – I encourage young people
to come in, sit down, talk about opportunities in our industry, and we love giving
really great young people with a great attitude an
opportunity in our business. – Definitely get into it, I mean places like ours,
they’re contracting firms with ability to have you
training while you’re on the job with our skilled staff, where you’re also starting to earn a wage. – For any young people thinking about going into the horticultural industry I’d say “Just got for it.” With the huge effects of climate change, the horticultural industry is gonna be hugely important in New Zealand. – You get to see things growing and you meet lost of people
that wouldn’t meet otherwise. – Learn all you can, work
anywhere you can around the world, and stay fit. (laughs) Stay healthy, yeah and do it, good fun.

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