Main Fountain Garden Returns May 27

[music] Longwood Gardens is a top destination in the Greater Philadelphia region attracting visitors from near and far. In addition to the extraordinary gardens, Longwood is home to the most significant fountain collection in North America. For the past two years, Longwood Gardens has
worked with the nation’s leading firms to revitalize the crown jewel of the fountain
collection– the iconic Main Fountain Garden. [Paul Redman] We knew that our founder was
so innovative. He was experimental. He wanted to be on the edge. We realized that we wanted to be on the edge with a reborn and revitalized Main Fountain Garden. The Main Fountain Garden’s revitalization
includes the complete restoration by specialists of the original limestone reliefs and fountains. The total replacement of the fountains’ electric and plumbing infrastructure with 21st century systems that allow the fountains to run more efficiently. New water choreography, including jets that project water 175 feet in the air, allowing for more precise control
of the water movement to create unique undulating, flexing, and spinning effects. Replacement of the fountain lighting system with energy-efficient LED lights which will also allow the water
choreography to take on a new range of colors And enhanced landscaping designed to invite
guests into the garden to explore. And a new feature – the Grotto – the spiritual
center of the entire Main Fountain Garden. [Paul] Longwood was always an experiment,
but the thing that has been constant has been the spirit of the place. It’s about a place for people to escape. It’s a place for people to come and be inspired,
and probably, more importantly, a place for people to come and be entertained. Once complete, the Main Fountain Garden will
be at the cutting edge of both design and engineering just as it was when Longwood founder
Pierre S. du Pont unveiled it in 1931 making it a must-see experience in 2017. [music]

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